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  1. As I already spoke or such option or professional translators.
  2. Hello. I do not know how well things are with chat bots, but the way you previously studied foreign languages and there is a better and more correct way. It is language exchange with native speakers, not communication with programs. I can advise you an excellent aggregator of foreign language courses https://linguatrip.com/en . Here you can precisely communicate on any subjects, more deeply covering the entire spectrum of linguistic subtleties. the more that communication itself will be with the native speakers of the language, which will allow your knowledge to become more profound and broader.
  3. Of course, tell and show us what you know. And the rest we can easily supplement the language courses. There are a lot of good aggregators of language courses, like this one, which will complement what will be missing. Meanwhile, such courses are conducted specifically on Skype and this is very good for zanniyah and communication skills.
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