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  1. Is there a set rule for where the indirect object(s) in the following examples should be placed? I have 2 translator apps I use to translate, and they do it differently. From what I can tell, the differences are only with what, when, and where questions; why questions seem consistent, placing the indirect object(s) immediately following, “¿Por qué.” ¿Qué le gusta comer a Miguel?/¿Qué le gusta a Miguel comer? ¿Cuándo les gusta comer a los hombres?/¿Cuándo les gusta a los hombres comer? ¿A dónde Marcos y Susana les gusta comer comida china?/¿A dónde les gusta comer comida china a
  2. Hola! I’m Mimi, in Denver, Colorado, USA, and I’m self-studying Spanish. I hope to get some answers to a few questions. Nice to meet, y’all!
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