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  1. How good is this app and the learning methodology?
  2. When I forget a language, its the writing (which affects reading too) that I forgot, not the communication. So, I spend time looking at the alphabet series and writing them in order and reading aloud. The process refreshes my memory of writing and reading.
  3. Yes, I've been using Bartleby write which is similar to Grammarly and in fact offers more from a research perspective with plagiarism checker and citation tools. I've been using it for 8-10 months (including a month's free trial).
  4. As I've been in India, I tried learning this rare language called Badaga, native language of the tribes in Nilgiris(mountain region in Southern India).
  5. I'm Tricia Coy, and am a native of Nevada. I'm into research and have been living in India for 3 years now which has helped me learn many Indian languages. I have a keen interest towards the Aryan theory, and the idea of Indo-European basket of languages. I plan to move to the Eurasian region in a few months' time if the Covid situation eases. I look forward to the discussions and would like to provide my share of insights in this forum.
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