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  1. If I was going to "win a special armour" I think I would assume it was going to be a full suit of armour. But "win special armour" might mean winning a bit of the full set: perhaps a breastplate or gauntlets only.
  2. In Welsh, the adjective comes after the noun it relates to. Many years ago, I bought a pink mobile phone. I asked my Welsh-speaking boyfriend "What is this in Welsh?" ,expecting a beautiful, ethereal Welsh phrase to roll from his lips. "ffôn pinc" he said - which is pronounced "Phone pink". So from then on it was always called my "phone pink".
  3. "Time to tuck in" would make me (English-woman) think you meant to eat something. "Tucked in" does mean to go to bed though, so perhaps a wee change to something like "Time to get tucked in" or "Time for tucking in" would work a little better?
  4. Supper is sometimes used to mean a light meal just before going to bed. When I was a little girl, children often had cereal for supper. But supper can also mean an evening meal. So dinner and supper can be the same thing. People in different areas and of different classes might use either. If someone asked you to come to their house for dinner, you would probably be going for a main meal - starter, main course and dessert. But if someone asked you to come to their house for supper, it might be a main meal, but could be a bit lighter. And could be later in the evening
  5. Hi! I am a (rather old) woman from England, trying to learn new languages for fun and to learn more about the world, and it's people. I speak (rusty) school-girl French, studied German as part of my degree but am very rusty in that too, and know a wee bit about Japanese and Korean. English is my native language. I am a published author (books and magazine articles) and regular blogger. I am a serious bookworm and my poor tiny house is bursting with books. I have recently started to study Mandarin Chinese which I am really enjoying. Such a fascinating language. Like
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