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  1. you are searching for a girlfriend that speaks a language that you don't know yet
  2. you are welcome !! Did you download it already? Do you like it? it is cool, isn't it ? :ninja:
  3. In our Chinese Class, we often discuss about Chinese idioms and sometimes we have to do some homework that contain some Chinese idioms. Recently I had to learn following Chinese idioms: 源远流场的 (历史和传说) (yuan yuan liu chang) 无中生有 ( wu zhong sheng you) 不月而同 (bu yue er tong) I am sorry that I did not write the tones for the characters but I really don't know how I can do that on my keyboard. _-> so I provided Pinyin only. I did some research about those 成语 but I could not find any good entries with example sentences in my dictionary. Could someone possibly provide some nice examples for
  4. I study with the estroke app. very cool dictionary, stroke order diagrams for all the characters and vocabulary list for HSK and much more. Give it a try fellas. :emo:
  5. I love the new smileys and the new layout is nice too. Keep up the good work bro. :grin:
  6. Sometimes in Chinese class, I have an exercise where I need to put characters (words) in order to make a correct sentence. (there is also an exercise like this in the new HSK exam). A simple example would be: 1. 妈妈 2. 中国人 3. 是 4. 的 5. 我 So what would be the correct sentence here? Of course it would be 我的妈妈是中国人。 This was easy of course. But now, if you get much longer and more difficult sentences it can get really tricky. as in the HSK exam a lot of times the sentences contain conjunctions, I would really like to know if there is a rule about the word order of conjunctions in Chin
  7. how to make a good sentence with 连 and 都? I know it is a pretty common structure pattern in Chinese. please give me some examples
  8. Google Translate is ok. It really depends on what you are going to use it for. :confused: If you are browsing through the internet and find a page in a different language and you just would like to get an overview of that very same page in another language, then google translate is great. if you are translating very easy sentences from let's say german to english or german to french, then google Translate is a very fast and quite reliable way to get things donse. However, if you would like to get an accurate translation for different language pairs (more "exotic" languages and combination of
  9. New HSK Vocabulary Lists In case you are studying for the new HSK exams, please feel free to use those vocabulary lists. Level 1-4 provided (includes all the vocabulary that you need to know for those levels). Lists are in .pdf format. Enjoy. :angel:
  10. thx for the links. I did not know the yellowbridge.com website. I like it a lot; the layout is a little bit old-fashioned though 8) doesn't really matter though It is very cool to have stroke order diagrams for all the characters and some etymological information. thumbs up.
  11. please help me to translate the following text passage. 和普通的北京市民一样的,陈艳每个工作日都会准时上班。陈艳工作的地方是一家教身会馆。她从事的是私人教练工作。以一对一的形式对会员的教身训练加以指导。陈艳来到俱乐部作的第一件事情就是进行半小时的热身训练,这种机械运动方式被人们习惯地成为“有氧健身。从事这种企业的都是非常喜爱运动的年轻人。 I need to understand the text for school in a few days. if I can get a translation by then, I will be most thankful. :-*
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