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  1. Guten Abend :=) Nice to meet you in the forums! We already got quite a lot of activity in the Chinese forum, so you will definitely find some help there. There is no arabic forum yet, however you can always post something in the general discussion thread (any language). It would be nice if you can help out in the german forum. I am from Switzerland, so we are neighbours :=) The language of this forum is English though, so we should continue to communicate in English Have fun in the forums !
  2. hi all I would like to know when you have to write ihrer in capital letters and when not. examples: if I want to say: "Leider konntne mich Ihre Qualitäten konnten mich nicht überzeugen", do I need to write ihre or Ihre ?? What about the following sentence: "Das Haus ihrer Schwester ist sehr schön" and "Eine ihrer Hauptaufgaben wird die Unterhaltung unserer CMS-Systems sein". This stuff freaks me out. please help. :doubtful:
  3. I want to contribute as well :=) This is my favorite English loanward in Japanese : photographer In romaji, it is "kameraman" (from camera man) Pretty funny, isn't it ? :grin:
  4. this topis is great...idioms are very interesting.....does anybody know the difference between an idiom and a metaphor? I really would like to know more about that! thanks for illuminating me haha.
  5. Good morning there Yours sincerely and Yours faithfully are both British. If you don’t know the recipient, then you should use Yours faithfully. On the other hand, if you do know the recipient, the correct closure is yours sincerely. The American tend to use Yours truly instead of yours faithfully ( correct me if I am wrong dear American native speakers *-*) Instead of Yours sincereley, the Americans usually reverse it and say Sincerely yours. The question: „ Mr or Mr“ is easier to answer. Mr is standard British English, Mr. is standard American English.
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