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  1. As Elien stated already, it depends on what keyboard you have. Unless you have a european keyboard, your best option is to learn the ALT-codes from the most common letters with an umlaut by heart. Check out http://usefulshortcuts.com/alt-codes/accents-alt-codes.php and see if that works out for you
  2. Seems like an interesting site. I haven't had much time to check it out, but I certainly will try some of the things he wrote about. Watched the video and it creeped me out a bit how fluent he was in all those languages
  3. Google Translate works rather good if you just need a quick translation of single words or at most a short sentence. The problem with translation site or programs is that they still see each word as a separate word, so sometimes translations are garbage because the translation software doesn't "see" the connection between some of the words. Google Translate is also terrible at proverbs, but I've noticed that it's been improving the last couple of months.
  4. I came across a website that can be useful to improve both your English vocabulary and grammar. vocabulary grammar Not only do you help yourself by improving your English. Every correct answer you give is worth 10 grains of rice donated to the World Food Programme
  5. One doesn't get a washboard (a six pack) from drinking (beer)? "Geld zu sparen ist eine Sache des gesunden Menschenverstands"
  6. I live in Belgium I don't actually know in what language I think, but it probably depends on the situation I'm in, so I guess I think in the language I need at that moment. I'm not that into languages, I'm a science-guy, but I think English is my favorite, just because almost everyone on the planet will understand you in English. But Dutch (Flemish actually) does have some nice expressions you just don't find in other languages, so I guess I like that as well
  7. "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." - Albus Dumbledore (so actually J.K Rowling) "Goals are dreams with a deadline"
  8. I like to think that I'm fluent in English and Dutch (my mother tongue) and if needed, I can make myself understood in French.
  9. Since I live in a country with 3 official languages Dutch and French being the main ones, I already had French classes starting from 3th or 4th grade. English classes started from 9th grade and German classes were only mandatory in 10th grade but with the option to continue all the way to 12th grade. Spanish was the only other language you could learn at my school and that was fully optional (I never took it)
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