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  1. I started learning a second language when I was in 9th grade. A new world opened up to me. I continued by studies in college. I later earned by certificate for medical and legal translation. I have been translating for the 8 years and it is a great living.
  2. ...When you automatically start code switching from one language to the next naturally.
  3. As a professional translator I love Google Translate. It is a tool that can be used to cut down on translation time. The key is understanding the target language and its nuances. What I like about Google Translate is that it compares your text with text from millions of hits on the internet. It also provides you with a method for checking synonyms and updating your translation. I also use the Google Translate web app to translate webpages and content that I need to see in the target language for comparison purposes. It is a great tool that I love and will continue to use. Good Luck! TomekaB
  4. Technology is playing a large role in the shift from hardbound dictionary and research tools. Students are using technology in many ways to improve their word search abilities and this is providing them with twice as many options for learning new vocabulary words. Also with all the language programs that are now available via the internet learners will have an opportunity to help practice with live teachers and classmates thus improving their language skills ten times faster. Happy Learning! Tomeka
  5. Scaffolding is a key skill that teachers want to use when working on the simple present with a student. Step 1: Start with introducing the verbs in their simple present form. Provide the student with samples so that they can practice. Step 2: Provide a cloze activity where students have to fill in the answer with the correct simple present verb. Step 3: Then let the learner create their own short sentences using the simple present tense to test for understanding. I hope this helps. Tomeka
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