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  1. I've never given it much though, I guess! I also use ketchup, but don't really think twice when I see it as 'catsup'.
  2. For some reason, I tend to have an issue with "original" as I always want to add an extra "o" to make it origional.
  3. Oh geez, English is my first language, and I have no idea what "tweep", "crowdfunding", or "gamification" are. I am 28, haha, how can I be quite so out of the loop!?
  4. I think it is important to KNOW the curse words but not necessarily to USE them. Of course, it is personal preference. I have plenty of friends with "colorful" language, though I myself tend not to curse as I believe it makes me appear and sound both ignortant and uneducated.
  5. In general, I suppose I text in 'proper' English. I do not prefer to use shortcuts or abbreviations haha, but also do not mind if other people do!
  6. I'm a beginner when it comes to Spanish, so I required some outside help with all of these, but jokes are a great way to learn another language!
  7. I am a native English speaker and would have to say no, it is not the easiest language ever. The following explains why I hold this view: The weather feels cool vs that item is cool Have you seen my crib vs the baby sleeps in a crib whether, weather and etc, etc, etc
  8. This is a huge, huge pet peeve of mine, and a mistake I see so incredibly often! You lose your keys, your pants are loose.
  9. Besides trying to include them in my daily conversations, I do have one useful tool. I use a dictionary app that introduces a word in which I try to include several times throughout my day. I am often amazed at how many 'words' exist that are so rarely heard
  10. I certainly care about my own grammar vs what others think. I take pride in utilizing proper grammer and English so I know that I should have no others judging me on that. Ironically, I "judge" others on their grammar all the time
  11. English and then Chinese, followed by Spanish. There is a huge, huge business opportunity and advantage for a english/chinese speaker in the right environment.
  12. I think the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself into it. Unfortunately, this is rarely an option for most due to other life obligations including work, money, families, etc. If it something that is feasible for you, however, all the more power to you! You will see a huge benefit learning in this way!
  13. We were required to study a bit in highschool, I believe it was, but I have not made the time since to partake in his work as I have busied myself with other languages and material that is more suited to my preferences.
  14. This and when people say EXpecially. NO, that would be especially
  15. I do agree with you to a point, but I also, as an individual, would not expect people in another country THAT I CHOSE TO GO TO, to accomodate me by speaking my own language. I would take the responsibliy to learn the language of the area I am visiting. I hold the same standards for others, for the most part.
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