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  1. I actually have an Elvish tattoo on my foot that means "friend." I think learning a fictional language is tempting to people, especially if they are doing it with a friend. It is kind of like learning a secret language that only you and your friend share. Tomekab, Piglatin is pretty simple. It is just moving the first letter of the word to the end and adding ay. The word piglatin would look like this: iglatinpay.
  2. Something important to think about when learning a language is its relevance. You don't want to go through the process of learning it to never speak it and forget it all over. I look for languages that are prominent around the world. Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, those are all languages that you would be able to use frequently. Does anyone else choose languages based on how used they are around the world?
  3. I know the feeling. You are afraid everything you learned will pop out of your head and you wont be able to communicate. That is how I used to feel when I first learned French. What you can do to overcome this is to watch videos in the foreign language to make yourself more accustomed to how it sounds without you learning it in a classroom or online. Another thing to do is make friends with someone who knows the language and practice.
  4. I think writing is the easiest. You can see how it looks on the paper next to everything else and you can figure out the spelling to make sure it is perfect. Speaking is what comes hardest to me. I have a hard time remembering and pronouncing properly. Like Jellyfish said about, It is about time. You have less time to think about what you are saying when speaking.
  5. My first word was "WOW." I was always so proud of that because it wasn't one of the more popular first words like "mama" and "dahda" Can you imagine hearing someone say their first word? I said "Wow" because it was Easter and my aunt kept saying, 'Look at the colorful eggs. Wow. Those are pretty, huh? wow." She was egging me on!
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