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  1. I somehow do not find it comfortable when it comes to using US vs UK English. We are being taught in one form right from our young age. It is kind of difficult to adapt to these subtle changes all of a sudden!
  2. That is a great find! Would try and pass on the link to as many people as possible!
  3. That is a great point! These are two perspectives between which most translators get lost! True to meaning does make more sense in real world translations though
  4. A wonderful post indeed! It is true that we need to focus a lot more on the culture rather the language itself! Doing such a thing would give a real good feel when a native speaker reads the translated version
  5. That is quite an informative thread! Is there any systematic way to remember these words for newbie's like me?
  6. I do not know why but we all do have some favorite words in each language! May be we just feel those particular words are stylish or cool My favorite words are inherent, sophisticated, facilitate, embark upon, enhance, awesome
  7. So what is the progress? Can we converse something in Tamil?
  8. That is so true! And I hope you have loads of fun learning the language!
  9. Haha Meera You are truly rocking girl! AR Rahman, the academy award winner for Slumdog Millionaire is Tamil too! I recommend you listen to his songs! They are all truly international yet have their roots in Tamil
  10. Am an ardent music lover and would love to explore all kinds of music across the globe! Thanks for the share! Going to check them out soon
  11. Can you suggest some good Chinese movies to watch? My favorite genre is horror and thriller. Would be great if you suggest some movies in those genres
  12. Welcome to this wonderful forum friend! Am unaware of a language called Hmong! Thanks for enlightening me on the same
  13. That sounds cool! Never knew "to be drunk" had so many synonyms! Probably "to be drunk" has the highest number of synonyms
  14. Wonderful! This is the second time am going through a song of yours! Looks like you are really super talented! great going
  15. Wow! That is a wonderful post indeed! Thanks for the tips and I hope I can put them into practice. They key thing for me is not to fear the language and speak slowly!
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