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  1. Has anyone given up on learning a language? What reason was it for? Did you go back to it? I want to start learning a new language but I'm worried that I don't have the patience.
  2. If possible, I would like to ask that you to read your comment and ask yourself "Is it fair to call all people fake because of where they live, just because of their culture?" Also, if what you describe above did happen to be the Brits way of using their language, then they have every right to do so. Brits speaking to Brits would clearly be aware of this way of conversing with each other and there would be no hidden meaning in it for them. I am sure other countries, cities and cultures have their own ways too. Some words means things to some and vice versa, mostly not on purpose. I have been to other countries where I get barged into in the street for example, and don't receive so much as a 'sorry'. This would be seen as absolutely disgustingly rude where I live, but as I am open minded and have some logic about me, I know that this is their culture and I have no right to storm into their country and tell them how to act, no slate them to death. I am open minded and am aware that what may seem strange to some is in fact normal to others and can see that they are not being intentionally hurtful.
  3. Maybe you have been watching too many Brits being depicted in American TV programs, as they always seem get it wrong. We don't all sounds posh, we aren't snobs, we don't all drink tea 24/7, we're not obsessed with the queen, and we don't dress like Mary Poppins either! Lol. There are like 10,00000 different accents here! I don't think I know one person that sounds how you describe and if I did meet such a person, they would be pretty much an outcast. Also, if I were to judge any one person from a cross section of people that I had met or even seen on TV from one part of the world, I think that would make me look like the 'snob' you speak of? I know someone who just did that and it sure wasn't me, 'The Brit'. Let's all be nice to each other for a change, eh? Everyone is not one person just because of where come from. Use your logic and just get on with it :wacky:
  4. It would be wonderful for the whole world to speak to same language! I am in great doubt that that will ever happen though. If a language were to be chosen I think that it would be one that was much easier to learn. Also, I think Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world (spoken at least twice as much in the world as English), so they might be the first option. But who knows
  5. Actually, that is probably a little ignorant of them to do that, especially if they could both speak your language. That would make me really paranoid, as though they were talking about me or something. That is very naughty of them to do that.
  6. It made me feel worse as I was told in advance that the French like you to at least make an effort with the language while you are there. I couldn't even do that. It just wasn't happening at all. The poor hotel man tried with me everyday and I just looked at him with a blank face and said sorry! :confused:
  7. Has anyone ever been in a situation where they have been to another country for example, where they are spoken to in a different language and they couldn't reply because they couldn't understand the language? This happened to me in France. I thought I knew enough to keep me going, but it was no help to me at all. I felt so ignorant!
  8. I do think that there is a lot of emphasis on German words, but I wouldn't say aggressive as such. I can see why some people would think so though. There are a lot of languages that would appear the same. Isn't it strange how we how sound different?
  9. I personally think that online tutorials can be very beneficial as you can go at your own pace in the privacy of your own home. You will have more confidence as no one will be watching you! You can go back over the bits you are unsure about. The only thing which may hold you back is that fact that you can not practice speaking to someone else in the language, in other words, have a real life conversation. I would say it is a good idea for starting off in learning a language definitely.
  10. I try to go out of my way not to use 'LOL' these days, but sometimes I just can't help it. I am more of a 'haha' person now. I suppose then at least everyone in all languages and of all ages will probably know what I am on about. I wonder if 'LOL' will every fizzle out? It's been going for at least 15 years now at least!
  11. I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites where you can go specifically to chat to people in the language you wish to learn?
  12. I certainly agree that spelling is going downhill these days. People now use abbreviations more and shortening of words. This is thanks to text messaging, internet messaging and so on. It is a quick and speedy way to keep in touch. People use this method that often that when they need to use the correct format, they can get a little confused. We also receive help too quickly with our spellings without having to work it out ourselves (predictive text, spell checker). I admit, I used to be top of the class for spelling all of the 'big' words, but these days even I have to think about some spellings sometimes due to all of this helpful technology!
  13. At school I studied quite a few Shakespeare's work, including "A Midsummer Knight's Dream" and "Twelfth Night". Even though my first language is English, I found them quite difficult to read; it was like a different language altogether! I have been to see some Shakespeare plays too which confused me also! I still enjoyed myself though as the imagery always appeared the tell the story. This reminds me of when I was in Paris and I watched a play there. It was one of the funniest and best plays I have seen and I didn't understand the language. The acting was brilliant!
  14. I was at school when I started to learn a second language. I didn't get to choose which language, I was given French to learn for 3 years. After 3 years I was given the option to also learn German or simply choose one of the languages alone. I choose to do German on it's own. The class only consisted of 6 people as most people decided to stick with the language that the were already doing. I found that German was much easier and more like the English language.
  15. When I was in school I learnt German and French. I then tried to teach myself French again a few years ago but stopped after a week. I would like to try both again but I have little patience and expect quick results. I know that this is not possible and I need to dedicate valuable time to it. I have visited Paris a number of times and would love to speak to the people in their language!
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