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  1. When you hear someone nearby talk in another language. You can recognize the language by the accent and stuff, but you don't really understand much. My friends keep on being surprised when I tell them: "That girl next to the door is speaking Swedish. The boy behind us is speaking Dutch." or when you can understand the language (e.g Finnish) and you just translate the convo to your friends.
  2. Welcome to linguaholic.com! It is nice to see someone who is living in another country that it is not theirs. I bet you could tell us something about Ireland. Do you like their accent?
  3. Being multilingual lets you learn about other cultures. Moreover, it also teaches you to respect them, since a language is part of a culture, too. As mentioned above, if you are multilingual, you can travel to places where your target language is spoken without trouble.
  4. I usually try to listen to songs that are sung in my target language.
  5. My sister learns Russian and she uses this page: http://www.russianforfree.com/
  6. 谢谢!嗜好的我是读和听音乐。你们呢?我喜欢中文,可是中文难。 是,芬兰很复杂!
  7. Täällä me puhumme vain suomea. Minä en puhu suomea äidinkielenä, eli minun suomeni voisi kuulostaa vähän erikoiselta. Minä yritän kirjoittaa kirjankieltä koko ajan, jotta kaikki ymmärtää minua. Onko foorumissa suomalaisia? Minä olen Iván ja olen 17 vuotta vanha. Olen kotoisin Espanjasta. Minä puhun espanjaa, katalaania, englantia, ranskaa, suomea ja vähän saksaa. Minä rupesin opiskelemaan kiinaa viime viikolla. Kuka sinä olet? Kuinka vanha sinä olet? Mistä olet kotoisin? Mitä kieltä sinä puhut? Oletko ikinä käynyt Suomessa? Joulupukki moikkaa teille! :santa:
  8. ¡Hola! Mi lengua materna es el español, así que yo os puedo ayudar. ¿Tenéis Skype?
  9. I am actually looking forward to improving my Finnish and French, but I can already speak them at an intermediate level, thus I would like to start to learn Chinese.
  10. Hi! I do not speak Thai, but I have found some pages that might help you out: 1. http://www.thaismile.jp/ThaiLanguage/e_ThaiLanguage_Greetings.html 2. http://www.linguanaut.com/english_thai.htm I do not really know if they are helpful because I have not used them myself.
  11. Salut! Mon nom est Iván et j'ai 17 ans. Je viens d'Espagne et j'habite à Barcelone. Je veux améliorer mon français aussi. J'aime bien parler le français, parce que, à mon avis, c'est très beau.
  12. Hi! I have realised there's no Finnish section on this forum. Am I the only one interested in learning/practising it?
  13. Hello! My name is Iván and I am seventeen years old. I am from Barcelona (Spain). My native languages are Spanish and Catalan. I am fluent in English. I have been learning French for two years at school. One year ago, I decided to start learning Finnish, so I speak them at an intermediate level. I have recently started to learn Chinese. It is a different language, but it seems pretty interesting. My hobbies are meeting new people and learning foreign languages. I am an open minded person and I consider myself quite talkative. Just send me a PM if you want to have a conversation! Nice to m
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