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  1. welcome BritishGuy.... Niiice to meet you Hope we can use your writing skills here in the forum and perhaps receive some Language advices from you.
  2. Well, English would be a certain language to learn. In term of Chinese, a lot of local merchants mastered the Chinese language in order to improve their work and import all type of things from china, and learning this language really helped them to reach the wide big market in China. This is a one case on how people determined which language to learn.
  3. For me, the biggest problem I faced while I was studying French language was the writing matter, as there were a lot of exceptional cases and I need to memorize a lot of words. While in the English language, I did not encounter this situation, and I managed to write any new word but listening to the syllables of it.
  4. Yes, I believe I saw a thread as " why you want to learn another language " or something close to this. This is mentioned before. Thanks
  5. I am native speak of Arabic. I have mastered a good level of English and Hebrew. Then comes the French language which I have mastered 80% of the language. Then comes the Spanish language which I am at the beginner area.
  6. Every time I encounter a French person, I use my french language and most of the time they laugh at me since I leaned and speak the high formal language. But being exposed to such situation will provide you with live feedback to how to use the language. They simply tell you, "do not say X, say Y", and this improves your understanding of the language and the culture.
  7. This is really annoying and dis-forms the language. Sometimes, I encounter some new shortcuts that I am not familiar with and I feel an alien. But I have encountered situation much annoying which is someone using these shortcuts while speaking. one said to me " FYI, I did this job ... " ... So i was shocked ... FYI... and another one while he was laughing, he kept repeating " lol" which was meaningless. and last one, which I can not forget, is when one said to me " BRB " but he pronounced it very fast. So, I stopped him and ask him to repeat the last word, and he repeated in an angry slow manner " BE RIGHT BACK" ... as if I was a slow understanding person.
  8. For my french language, I first attended beginner classes and was introduced to many student who were living near my house. Then I began to meet with them in a library or cafe talking about the language and speaking in french. Also, we met some french students in the cafe and we agreed to teach each other the languages. They teach us French and we teach them Arabic. This really turned into a circle of fun.
  9. well, I think that the pushing power the helps me to decide which language I want to learn is simply my passion for languages. I have to communicate with other people, and I prefer to use their language as a sign of respect. Also, I have encountered many people who needed help and the only way to communicate with them was using their language. You can not imagine the smile on their face when they knew that I speak their language. This is why I want to learn as much languages as I can, and now I am aiming to learn Spanish and Italian.
  10. Since I am a student of English and French. And Jerusalem is such a tourist attractive place, then my next language to learn is Spanish. I have a good command of the French language, and Spanish language is from the same family. I have taken tow beginner courses in the Spanish language and it is really an amazing language and not hard to learn. Also, where I live, we receive quite a lot of Spanish groups, and learning this language will provide me with good work and good environment to practice it daily.
  11. These are some of my favorite quotes which I recently posted on my blog. I just felt they mean a lot and motivating. Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive. Do not stand much at your mistakes of the past, they will ruin your present, and turn your future into wreckage, only take a pause and look at them, it will give you a new push in the way of truth and righteousness. I do not fear failure. I only fear the “slowing up” of the engine inside of me which is pounding, saying, “Keep going, someone must be on top, why not you?”
  12. Nice videos for the alphabets of the Arabic Language. Recently, there was a new famous video made and presented in the Arabic channels, and I really feel that it must be shared. It would be interesting for the Arabic Learners. This video contains the alphabets plus some basic Arabic words, which I assume won't be hard to be understood. Enjoy انشودة الحروف طيور الجنة
  13. I work as a freelancer translator, and Google translator not reliable at all to produce high quality translations. I have professional dictionaries for different subjects. I only use Google translate to generate the meanings of a single word, but not for whole sentences and phrases. Also, I have tried quite a lot of translation applications and programs, and they all function almost the same way as Google translation. The only reliable translation would be the human translation, which is not for free.
  14. Greetings language lovers I am highly assuming that they were speaking Khaleeji. However, there are some Palestinian dialects use the same "qaf" as it is used in this case. This simply reminds me while I was in the market in Jerusalem and heard some women talking. At the very beginning, I though that they were local, but they turned to be Khaleeji tourists. A lot of their spoken words were very similar to a certain Palestinian dialect here.
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