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  1. Yes of course! The world has become globalized and it is definitely going to have an effect on language. In fact this has resulted to some people not knowing how to speak their native language anymore because everyone wants to speak 'English'.
  2. I will suggest French. It is a good international language to learn. It is second to English and is spoken in most countries of the world.
  3. I think different body language means different things in different countries. In some countries the waving of hands means 'no' while in other countries it means 'yes'.
  4. Well in my case I just want to speak the major international languages like French, Spanish and German. I already speak English but would love to perfect it better than it is right now.
  5. Yes it is amusing. And it is even more amusing when you can picture or understand what they're trying to mimic.
  6. Honestly, I can't remember what I actually said. It been a long time ago.
  7. Of course you're right. More and more countries nowadays are becoming English friendly. Afterall English language is an international language.
  8. It is like that at times you know. Once you stop speaking a language for long, you seem to loose grab of the language. The way to prevent this is to speak the language from time to time with those who understand the it.
  9. Honestly a language is term hard depending on the learner. While a language may seem hard to one, it is easy to another person.
  10. Not really! I don't give up on any project I embark on. I rather stay on because I know that though there may be challenges at the beginning but I win at the end of the day.
  11. Of course my mother tongue is much easier than my second language.
  12. I still perfecting the languages that I'm learning. So far I'll say that I've learnt four languages.
  13. What I do is start with single words and then move to phrases and sentences.
  14. I don't listen to that because I know that English is very important language to learn.
  15. I think I'm also a visual, read and write person.
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