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  1. It would help, but you should first learn some words. You can also do that by watching movies in that language with subtitles from your language.
  2. Italian, because... well just the way it sounds.
  3. I don't think there really is a superior language, but of course English is the one alot of people speak/write/read.
  4. I don't really because I don't notice my accent myself.
  5. Yeah I have it, and I find it fairly annoying when I don't know it. Sometimes I just forget a really obvious word, even while I am still with someone who talks my native language.
  6. Chinese and English because there are so many people out there that speak it altough all those Chinese poeple are clutched up in a small area so it won't be really necessary.
  7. It is handy at some point but they let it get to far at sometimes, I use them but set in autocorrect for it so it automatically writes it full out. People doing it might consider that because most phones have that funcionality nowadays.
  8. It doesn't translate well at all, because alot of it has to do with your culture. I have watched some comedy shows with Dutch subtitles and sometimes the jokes just get changed alot because maybe some terms just don't even exist in that language.
  9. Yes but it won't be very effective and you won't really learn it unless you use some of the words yourself. So you can see the other ones reaction without really knowing to learn it a little better, altough this would be very akward to do.
  10. I haven't but I can see people with to much time on their hands just doing this because they are bored, but apart from that it has almost no use.
  11. When I was a kid I liked curious george, I started with English so early because my dad is American.
  12. Sorry I feel really bad for doing this, but it is write instead of wrote, it had to be done.
  13. Yes this is more common in Europe since we learn English and not American. I personally prefer color because I have family that is American and almost all the games/television etc is usually in American instead of English.
  14. If you tend to go there often it is handy to be able to speak so for example if you got on vacation to Germany often then you should probably learn at least the basics from that language.
  15. It is probably one of the best out there, but you shouldn't really use it when trying to make a sentence because most of the time it doesn't really work because the grammar is bad. But I still think it is handy for alot of uses because the person usually still gets what you mean even while it isn't grammaticaly correct.
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