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  1. What other languages have close to the amount of weird rules that English has? I would imagine some of the eastern ones.
  2. I wonder if anyone has butchered idioms more than George W. Bush Jr. Maybe me. What are some weird ways you've misused idioms in the past?
  3. Is by far the language which mainly has roots in Castilian the most superior?
  4. As someone growing up in Texas, it's a little embarrassing but you just learn to accept that most likely they don't care and appreciate that you understand and are trying to communicate.
  5. Anybody have any experience with Esperanto and want to share their thoughts on it?
  6. Always been a relatively fast reader. From a young age onward. But I've noticed sometimes I space out and will go a page or two not really retaining what I've read. Gotten worse as I've gotten older actually.
  7. Totally tried learning elvish when I was younger. Didn't work out so well.
  8. The excitement of knowing you're adding a good skill to your set. And also the knowledge of what you can do with that skill.
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