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  1. I have a dictionary that's smaller and thinner than a notebook, and it's an English-Spanish dictionary. I think it can be handy when you are travelling and you have no internet access. But I also would prefer the digital version or just google the word or sentence when the need arises.

  2. 23 hours ago, Baburra said:

    I like that there are different accents for English, because it's the international language and I think it adds to the charm. I am a lot more worried about pronunciation most of the time though rather than accent because some languages are far off from the native pronunciations so it's difficult sometimes to speak words with a bit more accuracy. French, for example, I find very difficult to pronounce a lot of the words and I think it's a difficulty for a lot of other people too because the way they speak is so unique to them. 

    True, that's why I was never drawn to study the French language. It seems really complicated for me and you will have a small target people for that, since only France and Canada are the only countries that speak French.

  3. That's fine, just look at Penelope Cruz, she has a thick accent, yet she still was able to become a successful Hollywood actress. I think that as long as you can speak and understand the language fluently then you have all that you need to "get by" in a foreign country. In India, call centers are quite popular there even if the people there have thick Indian accent while they speak English.

  4. On 9/12/2016 at 8:02 PM, Sahar said:

    Thank you, would you please tell me where are you from? and is that sentence the first full sentence you`ve learnt? because that`s really hard for first grade primary school!

    I'm from the Philippines. Actually no, they made us learn our names first and how to properly introduce ourselves.  Then the teachers started to teach us those nursery rhymes. 

  5. On 9/12/2016 at 8:19 PM, Baburra said:

    Me too. Even when you have a lot of resources nowadays to hear it straight from native speakers it doesn't mean you could duplicate it easily. I think it really is one of the hardest parts to nail down as I have heard many foreigners who eventually learn to speak fluently but never quite pick up how to exactly pronounce or accurately speak in the native accent since most likely their tongue has gotten way used to speaking their own local way and it's not easy to adapt that into another way of speaking. 

    I agree. Just look at the Indians, even if they speak fluent English, their accent is still very thick and noticeable. Also the Chinese. They have a thick accent. Luckily, us Filipinos have a neutral accent and it's very trainable to adapt to the US accent.

  6. Isn't that already happening in the form of English as the preferred "international language"? It would be hard to go back to the biblical times wherein people only spoke one language before God changed things, but at least English is the closest that we have to having a universal language.

  7. I actually talk to myself loudly at home, so that would be no problem for me. Just make sure no one else sees you, or no person who isn't used to your quirks sees you and you're good to go. Practicing by talking to yourself helps improve your memory, you know?

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