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  1. Absolutely yes, my partner is the reason why I want to learn and speak another language. My native language is Tagalog, my second language is English then my third language that I am now studying is Hangeul my husband native language. So far, I am gaining confidence already in my stay here in their country because I learned already some of their basic words and phrases that is used in their everyday life with the support also of my husband who is my private tutor with regards to pronunciation and it is a big help plus watching korean drama on television is also a good reference of learning the language.
  2. So far the longest hours I've spent in one day studying a language is 4 to 6 hours but if I had more free time and I am very eager to learn a new topic I study beyond that hour in one day.
  3. Right now I am studying another language on my own with the help of some books and videos tutorials. But this year I do plan to enroll on a home tutorial language program that is available in this country and I am willing to finish up to its highest level to get a certificate which I can use in so many ways while living in this country.
  4. It is not easy to learn a new language and it needs more time and effort and constant practice for you to be able to express the language. Right now I am just in the initial stage of learning a new language and I have to be serious because I really want to learn it well and to be fluent with the language.
  5. Currently for 7 months already I am living in the mother country of my husband. That is why I am learning their language which is Hnagul for faster and better communication with the people here. Even though I am here I will never forget my native language and it will be here forever in my mind and heart because I love my own language no matter what and no matter where I will be.
  6. Animals like human had their own language for communication and interaction for each other. They had their own intuition wherein they can read each others mind as to what they are trying to express or say within themselves.
  7. My language related goals for 2014 is to study hard and learn more the Hangul language for better communication so that I can interact more with the people living here.
  8. The use of flashcards and watching Korean dramas are some of my techniques in studying Hangeul and I am really learning from it everyday..
  9. Do you think that reading alone can store knowledge in your brain with regards to a language you are studying?..
  10. I maintained my vocabulary that I had learned by writing, reading and saying the words again and again everyday until it is stored in my mind. And sometimes I tried to use it and make a sentence with the words and phrases that I learned so that I will not forget it.
  11. A Letter of Application is also what we called a "Cover Letter" wherein you will tell where, how and why you are applying for that particular job. You may also indicate your sincerity and interest in the job you are applying and if given the chance and opportunity for an interview they can contact you either in your phone number and email. Then if they reply back to you for an interview and you pass then they will tell you to submit your resume or what we called CV (Curriculum Vitae) indicating some of your personal information and educational background and work experiences and lastly your character references. And everything will just follow until they will hire you.
  12. If you have little online resources, watching everyday tele drama on television is also an educational way of learning a language. You can see and hear the pronunciation of the words, when and how to use it in different situation and time. This what I am doing and for a span of time that everyday I am hearing words and phrases being said it is already stored in my mind. For me it is very useful in my learning a language.
  13. I learned the English language by age 6 years old when I was in Kinder up when I graduated in College. I am thankful that in our country English is our second language that is why most of us can write and speak English. And it is very useful too when we are travelling especially in an English speaking country and there is no problem withe regards to the means of communication.
  14. When ever I hear someone speaking my native language in a different accent I do not consider it as an insult. In the first place it is not their mother tongue and should not expect them to say it fluently but indeed I am proud that they are trying to speak my language and it only means that they are interested in our country and language.
  15. I think every language had a beauty of its own and I need not to compare them. God created the world and every country with a unique language for its people with the beauty that can be understood by each one of them. And its so wonderful to know that the world had many beautiful languages that we can learn.
  16. Learning a new language is not that easy. It requires hard work and dedication and deeper understanding. I read a lot, watch video tutorials and dramas on television. For me it is great for learning because you can see and hear how to make the right pronunciation and when to speak a certain word or phrases to the right person in the right place and situation.
  17. My techniques in learning a new language is that every new words and phrases that I see or hear either in a book, language video tutorials, television dramas I write it down in my notebook and then everyday I read it again and again after I wake up in the morning while my mind is still fresh after a night sleep. This makes it easier for me for better absorption in my brain.
  18. It think that knowing more than language is not a sign of intelligence. Each person has their own intellectual capacity or what we called intelligence quotient in their brain as to how they can learn easily something or things for deeper understanding. Like what had been said by many in this post thread there are people who can speak many languages without formal education. While there are those who had finished a high degree of education but yet can speak only one language. So it doesn't mean that if a person can speak many languages they are totally genius and smart.
  19. For me the most beautiful language is of course my native Tagalog language. It is my mother tongue which I learned since I began to know how to write and speak when I was small child until now that I am grown up already. I love my own language and I am proud to tell everyone that it is also an interesting language to learn that has a beauty of its own..
  20. Everyday it is part of my life using my native Tagalog language and my second English language even though I am living already in another country. I had a foreign husband and we speak three languages at home (Tagalog, English, Korean) which we both tried to learn each other languages and everyday we are learning from each other languages.
  21. Not really. It is just okay for me if one person speak one or two languages as long as we understand each other in our conversations. Even though they speck more languages and then when you are talking to each other one of you sometimes cannot catch up with what you are talking about then you may not find each other to be attractive.
  22. I am learning Hangeul and my mentor is my Korean husband. Everyday since I came into their country he is all support to me in order that I will learn easily. Although our means of conversation everyday is English because he is fluent to it even though he is a Korean we see to it that I will learn also their language. Aside from that he prepared some home tutorial videos teaching the pronunciation techniques so that when I go to school this coming February I had already a background of some of its basic words and phrases.
  23. I think I cannot compare men and women with regards to their ability of learning a language. A certain person has each own intellectual capacity. It also depends on ones willingness and interest which is the key to learn a language faster and easily. If both of these are not present in their mind and heart then neither of them will make it the way they want to learn it fast.
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