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  1. For me, I have given up on cramming a new language into my head. I adapt a more passive type of learning. I listen to songs, watch movies and even play games in Spanish. I may listen to a few lessons on youtube; but am no longer repeating words until my head hurt. :nerd:
  2. My parents told me, but I don't quite remember right now ( I wish they were next to me now so that I could ask them). What I know however was that my first words were not the usual "mamma" or "dadda". I'm a strange one.
  3. I know I have an accent. It's only natural for me to not hear the accent in my own voice; but I know that others listening to me can immediately identify the accent. I think everyone in the world has an accent, but some are more honest about and recognizing of it than others.
  4. Learning through gaming is awesome and fun...especially when you have the narrative as an audible voice. I've not been giving most of my time to it, and thus there is an inconsistency in my learning of this foreign language.
  5. I only see three doubles. Sorry, I'm kinda slow. I guess the brain does it's thing automatically! I read over your sentences about 5 times and up till now I don't see 4 doubles.
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