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  1. I hate them. They are too tricky if you didnt study enough. They save you the writing time but consume more of your thinking time as you have to be sure before you choose the answer. :grin:
  2. It is very true, so many languages are fading away. The switch to the other languages also affect them in a way as they are not as original as they should be. There are so many slang terms.Whenever I write 'wanna, gonna, or any such my computer doesn't even highlight them as misspelling.
  3. Writing is the most difficult for me, It is not so difficult to figure out how to pronounce a word when reading and when speaking I can simply make it sound perfect whereas in writing I have to spell correctly as if not that same word could mean something totally different from what I intended to mean.
  4. Some previous comments have mentioned it already but am just gonna take the advantage and say it again. Pictures work well with me. Funny thing though, as much as the pictures work so well with my poor memory on languages that is not the case with people and their names. I can see you dozen times but still forget your name but I deal with that by avoiding calling you by name if am not sure of it.
  5. Being from a country that has so many national and foreign languages , learning them is an advantage to oneself. There are provinces that would require you to speak their local language for you to get a job consideration. Foreign languages are also worth learning for quite a number of purposes.
  6. Anyone interested in Zulu Or Xhosa languages??
  7. I know of somebody who speaks a number of languages. He is South African that speaks all 11 of South African languages, Spanish and Portuguese. He is a Doctor by profession but I guess his languages are paying him more as it has been a couple of years since he stopped practicing. I only speak 5 of the 11.
  8. I would really like to learn Spanish... I have a friend who speaks and he makes it so difficult not to envy him. In my NPO we have many french speakers so I think French before Spanish... :confused:
  9. Thank you caparica007, We have 11 official languages. English is not a national language per say but it does dominates as the communication language. There are 9 provinces and in the rural parts of some provinces you can find a non English speaker, those who dropped out early or didnt even attend school. So yeah most of us are not born English speakers but taught. Thanks again...I think am gonna like it here
  10. Well, "Sanibonani" is a Zulu greeting to more than one person at anytime of the day. My name is Cath from South Africa and am new here.
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