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  1. What is the longest word you have ever used in casual conversation?
  2. When I am talking to friends I rarely use completely proper english. I, like most people, use slang and other terminology that wouldn't be considered proper throughout the day.
  3. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is déjà vu. There are numerous others but I just cannot think of anymore right now.
  4. Urban dictionary is always hilarious and can be informative on modern culture.
  5. I believe the origin of the language is very important. I once had a professor who went into great debts about the roots of words and their relations to other language. I loved how he did that
  6. I was like most kids and my first words were "mom" and "dad" but the next word I spoke was "ball."
  7. For me the hardest is listening. Hearing a language from a native speaker is much harder than hearing it from an instructor. The easiest for me is reading.
  8. English is full of words with multiple meanings. I do find them difficult but they add to the beauty of the language and for that I love them.
  9. Starting with rich english wouldn't be beneficial for ESL learners. I would recommend what rodserd has to say, start with children's books and work your way up.
  10. This is what urban dictionary has to say about the word and I agree.
  11. like most americans I started studying my second language while in middle school. That language being spanish. I continued learning spanish through college and eventually added french to my studies!
  12. Hey guys. I am glad to be here. I am a native english speaker and am currently studying Spanish and French. Eventually I would like to learn Mandarin but that won't be for awhile!
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