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  1. What about the Babar books? Those are pretty simple, and it's definitely at a lower vocabulary than The Little Prince. I think Babar was the first book in French I ever read in school. Also, something that's worked really well for me is reading children's books you've read in your native language in French. Like the Madeleine books and Dr. Seuss. It's good for learning basic vocabulary as well as some simple idioms and grammatical rules. Some books are even available in half-French, half-English so you can compare as you go along! Good luck, and don't worry -- it always get easier.
  2. These are some really excellent choices! I love collecting inspirational quotes, they can really help you through a rough time in life, or even just a bad day. Some of my favorites: "Never say anything which does not improve on silence" - Richard Yates "Comparison is the thief of joy" - Theodore Roosevelt "It always seems impossible until it is done" - Nelson Mandela -- I think this one is especially important to remember when it comes to learning foreign languages!
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