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  1. There is definitely different types of languages among animals as there are with humans. Through sounds and movement, I truly believe that animals can be considered much better communicators than humans. Despite the fact that we have an incredible amount of words and structures to put these words in, I think that we often times confuse ourselves with spoken language. Spoken language gets us into trouble sometimes. If we gathered knowledge from the way animals take cues from each other, we could improve.
  2. I have an accent; however, I only know this because a teacher told me. I always thought that I had the "typical" American accent. According to one of my teachers, I don't. Turns out, my accent is a slue of different things that not even she can figure out. I assure you that I don't sound like an alien or anything, but I suppose there are different influences that have caused me to say things differently. I was born in California then moved to Washington and eventually Arizona. I grew up with two Tagalog-speaking parents with decently heavy Filipino accents. Maybe this is all why my accent is a crockpot of different things.
  3. This is an interesting topic. I've never thought about analyzing the way I text. After thinking about it, I realize that I text--for the most part--in proper English. I'm not a huge fan of shortcuts because I think they look weird. The only thing I purposefully don't do correctly is some grammar--particularly apostrophes. Sometimes my phone doesn't correct it automatically and I am too lazy to fix it, so I just hope that the message translates.
  4. "The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire." I found this one on pinterest, but I really love it. Since I am an actor, I am driven by passions and without that fire inside of me, I know that all my efforts to be successful would be pointless. This quote is a great reminder that motivation can be an incredible force.
  5. It wasn't a job, it was a role in a theatre production. The language I studied in high school was American Sign Language. In the fall of 2012, my university decided to put up a production of Mother Hicks--a play with a deaf main character. Originally, I was not cast; however, on the night of the first rehearsal, I got a call from the director telling me to come to rehearsal. Once I got there, she announced that I would be cast as the narrator (a role that is not in the script). Throughout the entire show, I sat on stage and translated the play in sign language. With this addition to the play, we were able to invite more of our deaf community to enjoy it. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had.
  6. I really want to learn French. A very good friend of mine is a French minor, and hearing him speak the language is absolutely fascinating. There is a type of majesty that comes with the pronunciation of the words that I would love to master. Also, I hope to go with him to France this summer after we graduate college. Even if I won't be able to converse with the people there, if I can understand something--anything--it would be considered a successful journey.
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