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  1. People who feel the need to correct other people's grammar are just proud and elitist. It's stupid. It's obviously not the other person's strength. I'm sure they're good at something that you're not good at, so back off.
  2. I use subtitles when I watch movies. I really do believe it helps with learning a new language. Even if it's just subconscious, more than not, it helps.
  3. No matter how good I am at a subject in school, I always stress out before an exam. It's the unknown that scares me. I think exams are a horrible way of measuring one's competency in a subject. Because of exams I am a B student but I can easily understand and discuss the subjects with other people.
  4. I don't judge people who have accents. I think that is ridiculous. You have to be fair to everyone.
  5. Are any of you studying ESL in college? If so, why did you choose to major in ESL? I'm trying to learn more about the major because I'm considering studying it and teaching abroad.
  6. It depends what you're life encompasses. I travel a lot and live in a foreign country, so for me, yes it is necessary. As a businessperson I would say that it is necessary. As a person living in one country, never planning to leave, then no, it is not necessary.
  7. Video games, like tv or music can always be helpful. there is however, a limit to the vocabulary you may be picking up. It's obviously not going to include everything you need to learn.
  8. I think it's better to study with other people. Especially if we're talking about languages! I mean, that's the point of learning languages; so that you'll be able to communicate better.
  9. I really don't even have a budget for learning a new language. I learn everything from having real life conversations with the locals where I live now. I also use the internet if I have to. :kiss:
  10. Hello to everyone. I'm new to this forum. I love to learn new languages and I'm very excited to be able to discuss this with other people!
  11. Google translate is generally horrible. I'm sure with more popular languages it functions better, but with the lesser spoken languages around the world, it is BAD.
  12. Well, I'm fluent in Macedonian which is really similar to Croatian! The next language I would want to be fluent in is Spanish. I've heard that it is quite easy to learn.
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