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  1. Isnt it fairly difficult to get accepted onto a content mill? I have heard that even native speakers have difficulty getting accepted due to their being so many unemployed college students that they get the choice of a fairly talented crop of people.
  2. Necessarily and Necessity. Its not necessarily a necessity to spell necessity right but i find it necessary to check whether i have spelt necessarily, correct, so a dictionary is always necessary.
  3. My importance level goes. Was i understood? -> Did i speak fast enough? (so not to slow the conversation down too much) -> Was i correct grammatically? -> How was my accent? Grammar is important but grammar can cripple language learners into inaction which is worse than actually messing up the grammar.
  4. I do when im telling a risqué joke or deadpan sarcasm as both can be too the wrong way via text. I try not to over do it but if im not 99% sure of the reaction ill put a LOL in there.
  5. No, i think its a silly waste of time. They rarely have the natural beauty of a real language, more just a weird paint job on real world language to make it look different but to be grammatically very similar. If you were learning it as some sort of secret code to hide from siblings or parents, why not just learn a real language with a different script like Russian, Arabic, Siamese?
  6. Not including the French i did at school i started learning Italian at 20. I started because i wanted to talk to my Grandfather in his native language (he is fluent in english) Im now 26 and sadly my abilities are only at conversation level (due to my inability to stick to learning Italian) hopefully this year that changes.
  7. I want to learn a Slavic language but i tried Russian a few years ago but the difficulty stopped me in my tracks. I think after i have a decent base in Mandarin i would like to have another pop at Russian and put the books i brought to use.
  8. Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor. I think this is the perfect quote for life. Everything you do to improve yourself takes immense effort but in the end instead of a rough block of marble you have a beautiful sculpture.
  9. I try and find someone to talk to (if possible a pretty girl haha). I find my motivation wanes when i'm doing grammar or going through a text book. Speaking to someone really revitalises my efforts, even when my speaking is still quite basic.
  10. Both. Depending on the content and why im reading. If its something fairly simple or i don't need to internalise much of it i can read very quick, almost speed reading quick. However if its something i need to internalise, say for a test or if its contains a lot of complicated words i slow down quite a lot.
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