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  1. So basically Gangnam style is Korea's equivalent of Beverly Hills, right? Makes sense re-watching the video. All the locations, the clothes and the style. Thanks for the translation! It's weird reading the translations and listening to the song at the same time. It feels so surreal. Just like this Gangnam Style music video minus the actual music
  2. I used to keep a list of my favorite words that I had come across. Most of them were words I had never knew the meaning of. One of my favorites to use is monopoly. I just like the way it sounds and what different kinds of "monopolies" you can come up with (that guy sounded like he had a monopoly on all the worst pickup lines). It's also an interesting word since, if you split it down the middle, the words literally mean "one many" which I've always found peculiar.
  3. Huh, thats odd. I just realized that none of my teachers ever imposed a word limit. Word minimums, on the other hand, yeesh. It's like they want us to spew a few paragraphs worth of bull instead of writing concise, straight-to-the-point essays with meaninful content. Ahh, the wonders of my school system. I have some experience similar to yours but in my native tongue. Where I'm from we get a lot of Korean tourists and it just so happens I bear a striking resemblance to my Asian brethren. Thanks to that, and my painfully silent personality, I often overhear hushed whispers of stuff obviously a
  4. As the previous poster mentioned, it's odd that Annyong-haseyo isn't mentioned. It was one of the first things that come to mind when I read the thread title. Also I'd like to ask Korean speakers what I think sounds like "Burago." I hear this a lot from my friends and it's mostly in the tone of a question. I keep forgetting to ask them what it means.
  5. Question to the Koreans in this thread: is Korean even remotely similar to Japanese/Chinese/Thai? Like is there any overlap with common words/phrases? Also, un-language-related question: a Korean buddy of mine can seemingly recognize if someone is Chinese/Korean/Japanese solely based on how they look. Idk if it's based on the fashion or something with the face. It's always intrigued me. Do any of you have this skill or is that my friends secret mutant power?
  6. I keep seeing situations like these in comedies but when it happens in real life it's never as clever or funny. The closest I've come was when my brother accidentally spilled some lemonade and I said "You know life worked real hard to get us those lemons!" Badum-tss! KimJongIllest, folks, I'll be here all week!
  7. I only use 'lol' and the link when I'm chatting someone up who also uses it. When I talk I do this weird thing where I try to emulate the other person. So if he uses lol, I start using lol. If she keeps to the haha then that's fine, I'll do that too. It's weird because I feel like I have no speaking pattern that I label as my own. My manner of speaking just automatically changes depending on who I'm talking to. On a different note, people who say 'lol' or 'lmao' in real just make me cringe. *shudder*
  8. Context helps a lot but I still find myself referring to the dictionary a lot, even if most of the time it's just to confirm my suspicions. Also, as a kid, I used to love just opening the dictionary to a random and learning a new word every now and then. It was some of the best half hours I've ever spent. Anyone else ever do this?
  9. Hi guys! I'm here looking to learn Korean and maybe brush up on my Spanish as I had a few units of it back in college. I'm diving straight into the subforum hoping to find good reading material. I've always been jealous of a friend who claims to have learned Korean from just watching KPop all day.
  10. Hey G2narat, new member here as well who just happens to be fluent in Cebuano Visayan. I say Cebuano Visayan since I often hear that there are quite a few differences in Visayan when it comes to different regions. Feel free to message me with any questions! Cheers!
  11. So anyone care to share their multilingual win stories? Maybe speaking an extra language helped you land a job or get the Italian chicks number. Share them here! Personally, my mastery of the English language has helped through my fair share of bullshitting my way through a number of college essays. It really helps when you can spin one sentence multiple times so that it looks like a paragraph.
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