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  1. One thing that I found to help me understand the differences between each was to look at the history and why each was formed as an independent system.
  2. I like it for use in otherwise English texts. The place I see it most often is in Japanese fairy tales where a word has no equivalent English word. Beyond that I would say no, it does little more than confusing pronunciation.
  3. Another useful phrase that does not come up often is "Go Away" or "I have to go" I use these a lot when traveling since people are not always so nice to foreigners.
  4. I like dubbed when it is done well but there are extremely few examples of this. The only ones I can think off the top of my head are Cowboy Bebop, Mushi Shi, Ergo Proxy, and Ghost In The Shell. In any production that does not match that quality I prefer subbed unless it is just something I am listening to in the background than it does not really matter.
  5. Hey, what are the most accepted methods for learning Japanese? I have tried many of the apps and other widely available resources but they at best seem to be scatter brained. Is there some method or methods out there that are more academically proven?
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