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  1. I think reading children's books are good. That way you are starting off with the very basics, like a child, and you can gradually work your way up into the elementary, then middle school, etc..
  2. I agree. When just doing general internet browsing, or just trying to get the jist of something, it's fine. But you wouldn't want to use it for something like a business letter.
  3. When you say "have", it implies the possession of something. So when you say " have a shower or bath", it sounds like you own a shower or bath. When you say "take", that is more of an action word. You are taking a bath or shower, rather than possessing it. On the other hand, take could also sound like you are stealing the bath or shower.... :confused:
  4. I do use it a lot, but when normally conversing with people I find myself laughing or chuckling a lot during the conversation. So it really just seems to be an extension of how I normally would be talking in real life.
  5. "A positive attitude isn't everything, but it should annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."
  6. I think the natural progression of language learning is to first learn to speak it. Personally I think reading it comes next, and then writing.
  7. A young child's brain is geared for learning language. Just speak to them and they will learn, no special props needed. I know a few people who had learned a language fluently when they were small, only to forget it when they got older from not using the language anymore.
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