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  1. I really want to learn Croatian. That sounds a bit weird I guess, but I've seen so many beautiful pictures of Croatia and I'd love to learn the language and visit someday!
  2. Have you heard of Duolinguo? I've been using it to review Italian, and I've started learning French on it, and I think it's one of the better language learning apps out there!
  3. Try Italo Calvino's Marcovaldo. It's a children's bedtime story book (if I remember correctly!) and it was the first book I read in Italian. It introduced a lot of Italian vocabulary to me! Also Niccolò Ammaniti-Io e Te. Short, quick read!
  4. I've found that watching videos in Italian really helps. Pick your favorite TV show that you've watched before and look it up in Italian and just start watching the episodes-it's a fun way to train your ear and pay attention to the language itself but at the same time, you won't be focusing too much on the dialogue and what it means since you've already seen it in English!
  5. Well, in high school I wanted to study abroad and the choices were Italy, China, France, or Spain. Since Spain and France had a language prerequisite, I couldn't go there. My family is Taiwanese, so I speak Chinese at home and I studied it during the first two years of high school, so I picked Italian instead since I wanted to learn a new language!
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