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  1. My motivation is to learn as many languages as I possibly can. It is a matter of personal achievement for me. And one I am trying to succeed in, even if it is hard at first.
  2. It is the same for me. Hungarian and Romanian are two completely different languages, but I can somehow completely switch from one to the other without effort. For example, I talk to my family on the phone in Hungarian, while my Romanian friends are over for a get together, and after hanging up, I switch back to Romanian without effort. I think it is a matter of how used you are to languages that you are speaking.
  3. You can definitely understand the action and general plot of a movie, even if you don`t understand the language, but I don`t really like watching movies like that, because I loose you on certain plot points and don`t get the full experience.
  4. I always put any achievement into my CV, regardless if I actually got a diploma or not. Most jobs that require you to know a certain language make you undergo a test, anyway, before you get hired.
  5. My handwriting does not change either, regardless in which language I write. I think your handwriting is a completely different aspect from how many languages you can speak, it always remains the same.
  6. Fascination is a big factor for me in trying to learn different languages. And also, the more languages you know, the more you are able to communicate with different cultures. And that was a big factor for me.
  7. I think getting frustrated with the hard parts of a certain language are the biggest problems anyone faces. But you just have to stick with it and you will eventually get through it for sure.
  8. I always wanted to learn a type of Asian language. Be it Korean, Chinese or Japanese. I will definitely check your site out. Thanks for sharing this.
  9. Transcription can surely be used as a way to learn a new language, but I think it is not the most efficient way to doing it. Also, it can be quite hard to transcribe something you don`t initially understand.
  10. You need a bit of tact for that. And also, try to never come of as arrogant when doing it. Just politely correct the person with a nice tone and attitude.
  11. I think it would make things easier and erase some hurdles globally, but having many different languages is what defines ourselves culturally. And also, if there would be only one language, you would loose the fun of learning a new one, right?
  12. Most definitely. The more languages you know, the more you can communicate with people. Never stop learning languages, in my opinion.
  13. There are a couple of good phone apps that you can use to learn the basics of certain languages. Especially on android.
  14. Very nice share for sure. I was looking into something like this for a while now. I will definitely check the site out.
  15. It does not really change for me. If the song is good and you like the music, it does not matter what language it is sung in, in my opinion.
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