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  1. 1. Japanese (Currently studying this... so it's kind of self-explanitory) 2. Korean 3. French 4. Latin 5. Chinese My reasons for wanting to learn these are pretty silly if you ask me, hence why I'm only learning japanese at the moment... It's possible that I will learn another language in the future, jsut because I like learning languages and I just want to know more about another country and all... But yeah. As for japanese, I'm learning it to read japanese literature/manga/light novels/visual novels, and watch drama/anime/etc. In other words, to understand japanese entertainment. I'm of cou
  2. I never even considered the possibility that there would be visual dictionaries out there... Seriously. I'm really just used to "regular" dictionaries, and having pictures/visuals feels a bit like adding extra space for no real purpose. (Instead of making it an encycopedia filled with words and pictures, that size could be used to include more words, instead of pictures!) Oh well, I don't really know if I "prefer" regular dictionaries or not. I mostly use the internet for looking up words, as I'm not really fond of physical dictionaries. They cost money, you know.
  3. When speaking english I usually have a somewhat british accent. It's not "as british" as british people, but when I speak in a formal situation my british tones are clearly noticeable. I'm not from Britain though, so it's a misleading accent... The swedish accent that you sometimes hear when people speak english, is really just an accent that comes from people being bad at english. I have never heard of anyone who is good at english who spoke with a strong swedish accent. People who speak with such an accent usually barely know any english at all, and they tend to speak swenglish (as in, thei
  4. Haha, yeah, that's why I said it was gramatically incorrect. "Feeling"/"Filling" are both correctly spelled words, but the sentences are gramatically incorrect. (Gramatically incorrect = completely incorrect in this case. I think we mean the same thing...) True, although I do have a feeling that people who are on these forums atleast know some english. After all, it's a forum where people speak english... Unless one is here simply to learn more English, I would deem it hard to be here at all without some english knowledge.
  5. If you know of any method apart from the ones mentioned here, leave a comment and I will add it to the list! Classroom method/Repetition: The one that is taught in classrooms across the world, and it is the way the natives learn. Many people will argue that this is a bad method for non-japanese people to learn, while others will defend the traditional way of learning the kanji. If you do use this method, make sure to go from simple kanji to complex kanji. Not from simple meanings to complex meanings! (this is the way japanese children learn. It works for them because of them already being fl
  6. I try not to listen to too much Japanese Music. It's just too good, and I'd hate to ruin the music by listening too much to it. But yeah, it's a great way of learning words/pronounciation and all. Of course it's less effective than raw studying, but it's better than nothing for sure!
  7. I very rarely send text messages, I very rarely use the phone at all actually... But when I do, I try not to use a lot of shortcuts, or any at all. But if it's needed to keep the text length down, I will use it. Because ain't no way I'm spending an extra cent on sending a double-text just because I wasn't using shortcuts! But as I said, I really never send text messages. As far as chatting goes, I don't care too much for my grammar and spelling, and I may sometimes use chat-language... But usually I try to keep myself on a normal level of spelling/grammar/etc, so, very few shortcuts if any.
  8. That's a lot of time you're spending on learning languages! I wish I had the dedication to spend that much time... I'm not lacking motivation, but rather concentration. I keep telling myself that after I've finished Japanse The Manga Way, I'll start studying much more every day... But well, I don't know if that's really going to happen. As I am mostly focusing all my study time onto japanese the manga way, and nothing else, it's not really much to be said about my regimen, as I don't even have one. I try to read one lesson a day (which is between 2-6 pages or something per lesson. The pages
  9. Everyone has an imagination. Well, almost everyone... As far as books vs movies goes, I do think there are other reasons than just imagination that makes a book more enjoyable for most. One reason being that the book often offers more information, and so on. I really don't know how to answer this question other than... Of course I have an imagination. I don't see the point in imagining essays though.
  10. Depends on what language it is, but I think no matter what language it is I would use the internet the most. Books are limited in the library, and buying books is not really a good option if you ask me. I mean, the book might not work at all for you, and then you would have wasted a lot of money on that book... As far as Japanese goes, I'm currently reading Japanese The Manga Way (physical book, basic grammar) which I found at the library. (It was literally the only decent book the library had about japanese learning. They also had some very old and used book that the university supposedly us
  11. I agree, to a certain extent. I find using words such as "rofl" and so on to be quite annoying to hear in real life, or in spoken speech whatsoever. But a laid back "lol" from the right person can sometimes sound natural. It really depends on who is saying it and when, but generally I'd advise everyone to use regular speech when outside of a chatting room... I also think that forums like these should be considered a step up from "normal" chat rooms. As in, I don't think people should use "lol" and such too much on forums. I'm not someone who complains directly to anyone about it, I'm just sa
  12. "I don't have filling for you I don't have feeling for you" Are really one of these correct? They both sound gramatically incorrect to me... I got it 100% correct anyway. The answers were pretty obvious, since there were only two choices and one of the choices on every question was just so wrong that it was almost funny.
  13. I don't really think that there are "easy" and "hard" languages. I suppose there may be some languages that many would consider to be simple in nature, but many languages have simple parts to them: and some more complex parts. It depends on a lot, I mean... No matter how "hard" the language is, if your parents tought it to you from birth you wouldn't really have a hard time with that language. I think English is quite simple, but I've studied english for so many years that I can't even begin to think how I thought of it when i was new. I've been exposed to so much english daily, that I feel l
  14. You don't. Well, to be honest as far as languages go... A lot of people hate being corrected, no matter how bad they are: they feel like you're hitting them in the face if you are correcting them. No matter how polite you are, chances are they will still get pissed, and call you a besserwisser. As it is a friend you're talking about and all, I would assume that this person may have some respect for you, and thus can handle you correcting him/her. I don't really think there is some certain phrase you shoudl use to correct him/her or anything, just try to be nice, and point out that "Maybe yo
  15. I suppose five minutes a day is better than nothing, but personally, if I had learned 100-200 words in a year, I wouldn't really be happy about it, even if it was just five minutes a day. I know I could have done more than that, time is rarely an issue for anyone to be honest. It's just a matter of sacrifising more of your free-time used for fun things, and using it on studying instead. A lot of days I don't have a single minute for fun, and most weekdays are like that. I have some time on weekends to watch anime, or do something else just for fun, but besides that: I tend to spend a lot of t
  16. Actually, learning two languages at once isn't more complicated than reading two books at the same time. People who have not tried it before will say that you're probably going to confuse everything, but it's really not a problem that most people will run into in practise. Unless you're trying to learn Swiss german and "normal" german at the same time, or something like that, I don't think you'd risk confusing things. Chinease and Japanese at the same time might be confusing due to the chinease characters and everything... But everything is doable, and I haven't tried learning two very closel
  17. Getting laughed at is always embarrasing, no matter what the reason. I don't think I've gotten laughed at for my english accent though, since I speak a fairly british type of english. I've had british people that said my accent wasn't completely british though, even if it had some british undertones, but that's about it. Most non-british people always thought I was british though. I may have gotten laughed at, but I can't remember it.
  18. Being exposed to a language is definately the best way to learn, and surely the same would go with writing and reading aswell. Unless you were studying an asian language and knew no characters whatsoever that is... It would probably be possible to learn anyway, but considering there are several thousand of characters in Japanese/Chinease, it would probably not be possible to learn their writing system just by living there. If it's a country that uses letters that you are familiar with however, I think it could be possible. Eventually you would make the connection between the spoken word and t
  19. Very much depends on what your goal is (see my thread "When do you consider yourself to be "done"?"), how fast of a learner you are, how close the language is to other languages you already know... and so on. I spent three years studying German, and I still didn't really reach some kind of fluency even though I were pretty good at it. But, that was in a school class. Meaning I had to adapt my learning speed to the rest of the class, and to be honest: my classmates were terrible. I'm currently studying Japanese on my own, in my own speed, and I think it will take me ATLEAST 3 years before I c
  20. I find that it doesn't really matter for me. The only language I have not taken classes in that I am/have studied, is Japanese, and I'm doing pretty well all on my own to be honest. It would be superb to have a teacher to ask and all, but there are usually enough helpful people online that can help me if I run into a problem. Of course, practising with other students is crucial if you want to learn how to speak well in a language. It's hard to practise speaking all on your own... German class for me was mostly learning on my own, since I was pretty much the only one in the classroom that was
  21. EDIT: Since no answers were recieved and I had to desperately find answers elsewhere, here is the result of my searches. A sentence modifying a noun that is modifying a noun, like this example: これはそんな雪国で強くたくましく生きる男の物語である。 ( Kore wa sonna yukiguni de tsuyoku takumashiku ikiru otoko no monogatari de aru ) Can be split up in pieces to better understand the meaning of the entire sentence. Like this: 雪国で生きる男 - man who lives in snow country (Yukiguni de ikiru otoko = lit. Snow country in live man) 男の物語 - story of man (otoko no monogatari = lit. Man (modifier/of) story) 雪国で生きる男の物語 - story of m
  22. "Love" is a powerful word, but I do enjoy writing in Japanese for sure. Can't say that I love it though. Truth be told, I am very bad at writing it, and I don't know how to write very much at all. My studies are focused entirely on passively understanding japanese (listening/reading) and not at all on writing/speaking. I do however know how to write a few hiragana and katakana, and I can write a few simple words with the limited amount of kana that I know how to write... And it's definately fun, but it's not fun enough for me to learn how to write all of the characters. It would simply take a
  23. I personally hate the fact that slang words are being put into the dictionary, simply because I find slang words to not belong there. I think that slang words should be kept as slang, and not be put into the dictionary. By putting them into the dictionary, they are basically allowing the usage of slang terms in somewhat more formal situations. Even if the world will have an informal/slang-y reputation, it will be allowed to use it in essays/school reports/etc. I know, they are simply putting new words into the dictionary, and they are adding words which a lot of people use. But personally I'
  24. You turn on "japan mode" on your computer. It sounds more fun than it actually is, and I only did it so that I could play a visual novel... Which was translated, by the way. Still feels pretty cool to have "Japan Mode" on my computer. The only differance is that some websites sometimes think that I live in Japan (and I am then redirected to their japanese page...) and that Word looks different. (Word in "Japan Mode" has ingoing corners on the sides. I'm bad at explaining it... Anyway it's obvious that those are there for japanese writing to look better. It looks somewhat odd when you don't wr
  25. Here are 16 children books, they're 100% hiragana though, so it might be a bit challenging to read it. But well, all/most children books are bound to have mostly hiragana anyway, and I suppose you already know that. http://life.ou.edu/stories/ Good luck!
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