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  1. I've always found people who use 'your' instead of 'you're' amusing. I mean it's such an elementary term that everyone should know, I'm surprised when grown adults in mainly English countries who have grown up here make silly mistakes like that. And it happens very often.
  2. I moved to Canada when I was young so yes, English is a huge part of our education here. When I moved here from my native country I did have a tough time fitting in but I had a lot of caring teachers who took extra time out of their lives afterschool and before school along with ESL (English as a Secondary Language) classes that helped me significantly.
  3. I think they were icecream. I was a dairy enthusiast as a kid, I must admit.
  4. When learning a new language I think Writing is the hardest, reading is the second hardest, and speaking is the least hardest. I speak 2 languages fluently, but I've slowly lost the ability to read or write either language because of lack of practice.
  5. 'LOL' is such a fleshed out term. But yes, people (including me) still use it. A LOT. Mostly over text conversations or social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
  6. I would really like to learn Italian. I've always been fascinated with Italian culture, and I'll admit, their food is magnificent. I plan to travel to Italy sometime in my life. Knowing the local language would definitely help.
  7. Yes, I write in American English and I have to say I don't use 'learnt' much.
  8. I just bought an Android the other day. I downloaded it and I have to say it is pretty fun to play around with.
  9. I think they will help you if you understand what the movie is about. Try to watch something easy like a romantic comedy or a cliche movie. This way you already know what the story is going to be about, but at the same time you're practicing by looking at the subtitles. This is part of the reason cartoons with subtitles help people learn languages easily
  10. Aha this is a good one. I think my favorite quote of all time is: "The only way to win, is not to play" This ties into a lot of emotional and physical situations what we find ourselves in a lot of the time. Sometimes when you feel angry or sad, you have to remember. "The only way to win, is not to play". Just let it go. The only way to feel better, is not to care. The only way to feel better, is to stop feeling bad and just feel better. It's easier said than done. But it is one of the building blocks to a happy life.
  11. I used to be very scared because I'd always worry I'd missed something. But then I'd be scared of answering questions wrong simply because I was scared. And the fear would feed the fear itself. It was a terrible cycle. I'm better off now because now I have a cycle/studying regime that I follow religiously before a test.
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