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  1. Speaking the language for the first time and mispronouncing it to the point where the instructor can not understand the main content. I have always attempted to my best to get every form correct before I have an actual conversation on the subject.
  2. I have been learning Spanish in school ever since 2nd grade but I never understood even a syllable until 11th grade, where I had an instructor who was willing to try new methods and break down the form of every language in order to get it correct.
  3. I wouldn't exactly know but if you can get a hold of my parents and ask for any proof, they will be more than happy to help you. I am pretty sure they were some of the most simplistic English words that a person at that age can learn.
  4. About a quarter of the songs that I hear on the radio or from a local neighbor are in a different language and I cant understand what they are saying. After spending hours on finding the translation of them, I cat understand now why they were all singing to it.
  5. There really isn't any if you think figurative on the subject. Learning another language can be one of the most beneficial things a person can do because you never know when you would be in a situation that requires that sort of skill. there have been too many times where this has occurred and from now on, I tend to make a difference on the subject.
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