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  1. I typically prefer the subbed versions, due to the fact the Japanese voice actors are superior in that aspect. One of my exceptions is DBZ though. Maybe because I heard the English dub first then saw the sub, & was not feeling it at all. A problem that I do have with the subs, is I tend to tune out whats being in said in Japanese, because I'm focusing on reading the English subs. So when wanting to hear whats being said without being distracted by the subs I watch the raws.
  2. I've mentioned on here before that I like listening to Latin music to help me learn new Spanish words. Does anyone else do this? Who are some of the artists that you enjoy listening too? What's your favorite song at the moment?
  3. So if I were to use some of these saying would I be understood, or are they region specific? Like I'd be understood in Mexico but not in Spain?
  4. I have been using Duolingo for awhile now, & I must say that I'm enjoying it fairly well. It's great if you want to build your vocab. It isn't the best when it comes to conversational Spanish (as in actually speaking with someone), but I believe the sentence translating is definitely helping to give you an idea of what one might say in a conversation.
  5. Really! No one can help me??? I'd really like to know what the difference is when using "es" vs "esta". Or is it that there isn't a significant difference & that's why no one is answering my question? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks for contributing. I really like the fact that you used the words in a sentence too. That really helped to give me a better idea how to use those words in an actual conversation. I mean what good is an extensive vocab if you don't know how to use the words properly.
  7. Suavemente - Softly or Smoothly For uses of the word check out the song "Suavemente" by Elvis Crespo :grin:
  8. I also do this, ^ and I find it very useful in being able to distinguish between words. Context truly is key here, but that's really hard to do when your ears finally hear a word you understand, your mind processes it, you rejoice, & then realize that you've missed about 5 other words that were said. :confused: Or is that just me? lol
  9. I would have to say may greatest weakness in learning Spanish, is trying to speak it like I would English. I get very confused at times when I'm translating a sentence & then (to me) it seems like a word is out of place. Then I have to go back & figure out the actual meaning behind what's being said, rather than the literal translation itself.
  10. Okay, so I've been listening to some music in Spanish, and I came across this really catchy song by Dyland y Lenny called "Balada (Tche Tcherere)". Now I can't seem to find out what any of these words mean. So my question is, can anyone tell me what the word "Balada" means & also the words "Tche Tcherere"?
  11. I'm not getting any of the jokes. Mostly because, when it comes to the important part I don't know some of the words lol. I am picking up a couple of new words though, while learning not to take everything so literal ( Like the pear joke). That would've been a really nice one had I not missed the "es pera" part. Please keep the jokes coming. Also if possible could you continue to explain the joke after the fact, so that I can understand anything I may have missed?
  12. Suerte - Luck I've heard this one a couple of times while listening to music in Spanish, and I like the way it sounds. I believe "mala suerte" would be the opposite "bad luck" so thats 2 new words.
  13. Okay, so I was browsing through the forum when I came across this sentence "El cuchillo está limpio". Why is it "está" & not "es" limpio? Can "es" only be translated as "it is" and not as "is"? Or is there another reason for this?
  14. The 5 languages I'd like to learn are: 1. Spanish - Because I've liked this language ever since I was a kid & I would hear my friends speaking it. I wanted so bad to be able to converse with them in their native tongue. 2. Japanese - This one holds a nice place in my heart because of my Love for Anime. 3. Hindi - This language just sounds amazing to my ears lol. 4. French - No particular reason 5. Russian or Portuguese
  15. For the past 6 months I've been using An app called Duolingo. Its been very helpful in teaching me new words, & phrases, because it teaches you with audio sentences spoken by a fluent speaker. This makes recognizing words spoken in that language easier to identify, when heard on TV or the radio (Or in person). I've also been using Music & Television to expand my my vocabulary. I believe this can be a very effective way to acquire an ear for the language you're learning if you can't be fully submerged in an environment of fluent speakers.
  16. Hello everyone! I'm Tim from Texas. The Spanish & Japanese languages have always been very intriguing to me, but when it came to learning them. I could never find a good enough approach to keep me going. I'm hoping by joining this forum I can find people like me, & we can encourage one another.
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