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  1. me hahahahhah , i am from egypt . and i study english literature and some america literature hahahaha , and i am a noob in english
  2. agree with you , could you tell me what to do while watching movies? i learn english , how to use it? how many times should i listen to the same movie?
  3. thank you , My problem is i could"nt understand the dialogues properly without the sub-title turned on.I have been trying really hard to understand them without the sub-titles what should i do? soory for bothering you
  4. yea agree with you it's up to me, but i am really hopless and depressed , i dont know how to talk like native english speakers , and i dont know how to start and what i must do in the beginning , that's the problem
  5. thank you how many times should i listen per day? and could you suggest any tv show? , and podcasts are useless right?
  6. hi everybody , is there any listening tips? what should i do while listening to audiobook/podcast? , should i , and how many times should i listen? i must listen to same audiobook/podcasts for 3 times? or listening to different one is better? ? , and how listening improves my pronounciation? i live in egypt , i dont have anyone to practise with . soory for my bad english , thanks in advance
  7. hi , everybody my name is hatem i am 20 years old , i study english literature & Linguistics , but i am very bad in english , that's why i joined this froum to learn , and improve my self , and i hope to speak english fluently , i hope to talk to all of you ! cheers
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