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  1. If you are teaching him and he wants to learn I don't think you need to be afraid of telling him when he pronounces a word wrong. I have a friend that is so terrible at languages even her own native language. She moved to Denmark from the Faroe Islands to attend an international school with lots of international students so to them she speaks English and of course knowing so many languages makes her mix them together unintentionally and she mispronounces words all the time even though she's been told how to pronounce it correctly several times and when I correct her she gets pissed because she thinks I'm showing off and mocking her but she doesn't realize that I do it to help her so she will stop making those mistakes that can result in other people mocking her. I hope it helped.
  2. I live in the Faroe Islands where everyone has to learn Danish because we are still partly ruled by the Danish government and growing up in Denmark helped me become fluent in Danish very quickly and my knowledge of Danish and Faroese combined has provided me with the ability to understand both Swedish and Norwegian due to all the languages being so strongly related. Of course like everyone else I was taught English in school and due to reading a lot of English books and the internet I am now as fluent as a native English speaker. My interest in German music made me determined to learn German and hence I made the extra effort in German class in school. Knowing so many languages made me want to learn more. Anime and Manga made me want to learn Japanese and meeting some new friends from China last year sparked my interest in Mandarin and now I am completely in love with South American music so I will start studying Spanish soon. I am good at learning languages and I want to use that in my career somehow, which is why I now want to learn as many languages as I can.
  3. Danish tongue twisters: Bispens gibsgebis. Stativ, stakit, kasket. Fem flade flødeboler på et fladt flødebollefad. Faroese tongue twisters: Eitt, heitt, feitt, nýbakað byggbreyð.
  4. The language I like the most is Italian because I think it sounds so beautiful and I'd love to learn it but I don't know if I should because I'm afraid of ruining its beauty. Anyone know what I mean? When I don't understand it I only listen to the beauty of the words instead of hearing actual words I can understand and then ruining the listening experience for me. The language I like the least might be Finnish. There is no language that I really hate but Finnish just sounds like jibberish and I cannot find any pattern at all. I do know a few words though because of an internship I was on four years ago with three Finnish girls. I understand all the other Nordic languages (Danish, Faroese, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic) because I speak Faroese and Danish fluently and hence the other languages are very similar but Finnish doesn't belong with them because it has NOTHING in common with the Scandinavian languages unlike German that is similar to Danish in a lot of aspects.
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