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  1. I think this saying is true to the learning process. Just like when we learn how to read and write. We keep on practicing until we get it right. Practice do make everything perfect. If not perfect it just makes everything just right.
  2. I think it is better to learn during morning classes. The mid is still fresh and still active. At the end of the day usually we are already tired out. Unlike in the morning when we are still energized and can retain more information.
  3. My cousins and i do study japanese together! It makes learning so much easier and fun! Plus when we are are home we even have time to practice together. It really helps your memorization ability when you converse with someone. It gets retained in your mind more easily
  4. Which is more effective having one on one class or group class?
  5. Learning a language with a tutor helps you focus more and he/she can guide you more effectively. Plus you can really focus more on topics you have difficulty and resolve it correctly.
  6. Well for me my main purpose is for migration. I am planning to migrate to japan. So in order easily find work there i have to study the language
  7. It is a fun way to learn a new language! Plus you can see your favorite actors as well and learn the language in an everyday setting. You can also learn their lingo.
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