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  1. The best way to develop an accent is to go on YouTube and watch videos of native speakers. Also, you can try watching movies and practice speaking with the actors, or whoever is speaking. Learning a language is hard, but perfecting an accent of a language is even harder. Good luck to you!
  2. Sign language is quite a popular way to communicate with deaf people, but I don't think it is popular enough to be a universal language. I believe English and Chinese are more popular than ever before!
  3. I am currently taking a Chinese class in a Chinese school. It's around 360 dollars per year, so it's not too bad. There are classes every Saturday for about 2 hours. The teachers are nice and the students are around the same age as me, so I fit in the environment pretty well.
  4. I believe this is very true. If you don't use it, you will lose it. But there are ways to avoid that. You can engage in activities that involve the language such as TV, games, or even traveling to the country that has your language set as its main language by majority.
  5. No. You should never be afraid to fail in learning a language. Although learning a language might not be easy, it's always something that should encourage you. Learning a language is sometimes fun and you will feel achieved when you do so. In life, there are failures and these "failures" are just stepping stones to conquer victory/success.
  6. I have never gotten in trouble for speaking a foreign language. My parents would always encourage me to learn and apply foreign languages so that when I grow up, it will be much easier to find a job. They would take me to a private school just for learning a specific language, such as Chinese (Mandarin).
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