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  1. In the event that I am trying to say "I am _____.", would I use "Soy _____." or "Yo soy ____." ? I always thought that the 'yo' wasn't necessary, but I was told otherwise. Does it depend on vowels or consonants, or is it a no-exception rule? The reason I'm asking is because I want to say "I am spiritual." in something I'm writing, and I've been writing it as "Soy espiritual.", though I don't know if that's correct. Google translate agreed with me, but it's not always reputable.
  2. Me gusta dibujar y escribir. Yo no soy muy bueno dibujo. Estoy bueno en la escritura, en Ingles por lo menos! Me gusta tocar la guitarra a veces demasiado.
  3. I don't remember where I found it, but it's in my Google drive, and if anyone would like it I'd be happy to send it your way. Basically, it has folders full of Hindi/English children's books, tons of audio, and eBooks to aid you in learning Hindi. (In my opinion, the most useful feature is the children's books.) Is anybody interested?
  4. Group classes are nice because they generally cost less, but one-on-one classes are definitely more beneficial. The reason being that the instructor can do just that - be one-on-one with you. This means they'd be able to find your strengths and weaknesses quickly and work on those rather than spending time on what the majority of the class needs. Though, personally I prefer group classes, as I like to find new people to practice language with!
  5. Sopa always bothers me! Just yesterday I said I was going to wash my face with soup. La decepción which means disappointment (rather than deception, which is what I always think when I hear it) has tripped me up quite a bit aswell. My all-time LEAST favorite false cognate, though, is el fútbol. I've never been a soccer person.
  6. Buenas! = Good! (used as a greeting) Something I found interesting, being a native English speaker, is that when you great someone in colloquial Spanish, you can say buenas rather than buenas tardes, buenas noches, etc. The reason I thought it was so interesting is because rather than dropping the "good" and just saying "afternoon!" or "night!", as it is in English, you drop the "afternoon!" or "night!" and just say "good".
  7. According to Greek mythology, Persephone was Zeus and Demeter’s daughter the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She was abducted by her uncle Hades, who took her to Hell where they got married against the girl’s will. Once in Hell, she was offered some fruit, but Persephone only ate six pomegranate seeds which bound her to Hell forever. Demeter, the goddess of fertility and agriculture, used to provide men with nice weather and crops, but after her daughter’s abduction, she unleashed a never-ending winter. Thanks to Zeus, Demeter and Hades came to an arrangement; since Persephone had not eaten the whole pomegranate, but only six seeds, she was still obliged to live six months with her husband in Hell, but she was also granted permission to spend the rest of the year with her mother on Earth. Because of Demeter’s happiness, the fields began flourishing again in spring and summer. **The blue wasn't necessarily wrong, but sounded a bit awkward. I replaced it in green. Everything else was correct, just remember that commas go directly in front of the word rather than at the start of the word after.
  8. I'm hoping to go to India someday! I don't know how much it'll really help, but it'd still be nice to know. Also, a more superficial reason being that I think Devanagari is super pretty!
  9. Just like the title says! I'm trying to learn Spanish and Hindi primarily at the moment, and I can help you with English. :grin: I know very basic words and phrases in each language, and I can read/write in Spanish at an early elementary level (what with cognates). I'm doing my best to learn Devanagari, and I know all the vowels!
  10. Not an app, but a photoset I've found for reading Korean: http://ryanestradadotcom.tumblr.com/post/20461267965/learn-to-read-korean-in-15-minutes Now then, as apps go, I don't know many for language learning. BUT, as a sort of stand-in, you could try something like this: http://artsonline.monash.edu.au/korean/my-korean-1/ It can be web or mobile -- .pdf files can be opened on android too, and you can unzip the audio files aswell! So, it's got a dual purpose. Another simple thing to do to substitute an app would be to download a flash card app (if you want it to be mobile - if not, just use quizlet) and put in sample sentence construction with an 'incorrect - this is the correct construction' or 'correct' on the other side. The possibilities are endless!
  11. Hey LSJ! Welcome to the forums! It's great to get children learning languages early - I seriously applaud you for that. Teaching them ASL is super creative, too! I'd never think to do that. Are you planning on trying to pick up German again, or is it a lost cause? Have you moved on completely to ASL and Spanish?
  12. Hey! I'm an English speaker from the U.S. looking to become a polyglot, and making some friends along the way. I'm interested in learning Spanish, Hindi, and Arabic, for all of which I have 'tutors' (friends who speak those languages as their native language) and I'm always looking for more (friends AND tutors, haha!).
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