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  1. I like to write new vocabularies that I came across everyday to keep tab of all of them. This way, I ensure that I am improving on a daily basis. Sure, it takes a lot of time, but it's totally worth it.
  2. If you have already earns the basics, you should tart listening to that language whenever and wherever possible. I suggest you to watch some movies in that language whenever you ave some time to spare. It may not sound like a productive idea, but it will do wonders for you.
  3. I guess I never switched languages. I feel like giving up on French for quite a time now, but I won't. I know I gotta do it no matter what.
  4. Writing is easier than speaking. It just is. I guess it's because you have more time to think when you are writing. There is no such thing as fumbling in writing.
  5. Can you do it? Trying to learn one language at a time can be so frustrating sometimes. We are talking about 2 languages here. If you can manage it, goo for it.
  6. I say go or French. Of course, it's going to be your choice at the end off the day, but in my opinion, you should consider giving this language a shot. It's not easy to learn, but well worth the effort.
  7. No, I wouldn't say so. Thanks to the British Colonial era, English is ingrained in our blood since childhood. You can't run away from this language if you want a good job and life. Other languages can prove a bit difficult to learn, but nothing is impossible.
  8. I use these words almost interchangeably. These words mean the same. Like someone said above me, 'maybe' sounds more informal.
  9. Being an Indian, I already have a thickish accent. So I wouldn't be able to change it even if I wanted to. But I notice the change in pace though.
  10. The only reason I learn these languages is because its a necessity. I wouldn't be here interacting with you people if it was't for English would I?
  11. When you don't understand something even though he is repeating it, the worst thing you could do is leave. Tell him to help you understand even though it can be frustrating for him. He would be glad to help you out with it. Show eagerness.
  12. I am focused on too many languages right now to give any attention to any other language. I am learning French right now, so I would like to stick to it for the time being. Italian and Chinese is also on my list.
  13. I think both version of the sentences are pretty much writable. It won't be recognized as a mistake in either of these cases.
  14. Books can be a really great way to learn more about a language, especially if you know the basics already. It can be infuriating at times to read a book in other language, but you'll get used to it soon.
  15. I can write in four languages. I can write in Angika, Hindi, Punjabi and English. Although my Punjabi is not that good, I can still write.
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