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  1. I'd recommend Ankimobile: http://ankisrs.net If you like to build up your vocabulary by using flashcards, you will really enjoy the functionalities of this little gem. It is opensource, free and available for Mac/Windows/ios/Android/Linux. You can sync your progress between any installation and there are lots of free libraries available to meet your requirements (business English, legal English etc.). Actually, you can use Anki for way more. It helped me a lot in my legal studies. For instance, I would use it to memorize bases of specific claims. It may be well worth a try.
  2. In German: Guten Morgen Wie geht es dir? / Wie geht es Ihnen? (formal) Wie heißt du? / Wie heißen Sie? (formal) Ich heiße trijunction.
  3. I recommended it to a friend and she tried it out. Works like a charm. Do you plan on increasing the amount of words in the future? Or maybe users could add words on their own?
  4. While I do not speak Russian, a friend of mine does and we tried Google Translate. According to him, the sentences Google translates do not make much sense due to lack of sentence structure. Single words are no problem though.
  5. My parents are both Croatian, but never managed to teach me the language. I don't blame them though. I was born in Germany and grew up with everyone around me speaking German and Croatian was the language my parents would argue with eachother, haha. So I strictly refused to learn it as a kid. And now, after many years, I am kind of sad I have to stick to English when I want to communicate with my relatives in Croatia. I do understand quite a bit, but I am far away from being able to say more than "Hello/How are you/Happy Birthday etc.". But this will change now and I am really looking forward to learn it.
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