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  1. This looks like a neat app. I love reddit, and having conversations based on cute animal photos and other posts is a great idea. I like that there are other conversation starter topics as well. I would be interested in trying it out if you come out with an android app!
  2. I was doing the "flirting" lesson on Duolingo, and they had some silly pickup lines like: Ojalá fuera bizco para verte dos veces. - I wish I were cross-eyed so I could see you twice. ¿Te perdiste? El cielo está muy lejos de aquí. - Are you lost? Heaven is far from here. Do you know of any others?
  3. For people who grew up with one main language and then learned a second, was it easier to pick up a third after having experience learning one new language? It probably depends on what languages you are learning, but I'm thinking might be easier for me to pick up French or Italian after learning some Spanish since some of the principles are the same. I haven't spent too much time learning a third language though besides some short beginner Duolingo lessons. What does everyone else think?
  4. I write in English, my native language. At the moment my Spanish is not strong enough for me to be able to express myself easily without having to look up words constantly. I remember at one point when I was in school I could write paragraphs in Spanish and tried some journal writing, but it'll take me a little longer to be able to get to that point again. With some practice I will eventually, but I think it is still easier to express my thoughts in my native language.
  5. I started studying Spanish in school when learning a foreign language is a requirement, but I picked it up again recently because my friend was taking a trip to Spain, and I wanted to practice Spanish with him. I also want to improve myself and keep my mind sharp, and I think learning another language is a great way to do that. One day I would love to travel to another country and be able to understand the native language!
  6. I'm using Duolingo to learn Spanish. It's fun and keeps you on track by letting you earn points from completing lessons and practicing daily. There is a website and mobile app, and both have clean and easy to use interfaces. Good luck!
  7. I like to spell out words correctly in texts. I used to use more abbreviations when I was younger and had an old flip phone, but now with a smartphone, it is actually easier to use full words with gesture/swipe typing and autocorrect. I like that I can change the language of my keyboard too when I'm practicing another language! That being said, I understand why people would use shortcuts if they want to keep their message under 160 characters, but it seems more common now to have unlimited texts and not need to worry about message length.
  8. I'm a native English speaker from the United States, and I'm currently learning Spanish. I took the equivalent of four years of Spanish in high school, but it has been a little while, and I am trying to pick it up again. I've been using Duolingo, which I love. I'm hoping to connect with fellow language learners on this forum to help each other and share resources. Eventually I hope to learn other languages as well--I'm also signed up for German and Italian on Duolingo--but for right now my focus is Spanish. Looking forward to improving my language skills with all of you!
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