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  1. The field of translation is changing due to new technology like the Google translate program. I doubt that there will be a need for many translators in the future. The specialist such as in legal, medical or science and engineering translators will probably always have a job since theses areas are so precise and the translation has to be one percent reliable to be of any real use to clients.
  2. I have never heard of "Memorize" before just now. Do you have any idea how long they've been online? I'll visit them and let you know what I think. Sound interesting. There's nothing wrong with having more language learning tools.
  3. Be patient with your students. Offer as much encouragement as you can muster. Lastly take pride in the accomplishments of your ESL students. Their mastery is a reflection of your competency as their teacher.
  4. Be tactful and open with a compliment. Then simply advise them on the proper pronunciation. Give them an approving smile, and keep it moving.
  5. False cognates, this was good. I like that you chose embarazada (pregnant, or with child). I suppose the false friend would be embarrass in English. Now, if a young lady dosn't see her friend at the end of the month, she may have reason to be embarazada. :amazed:
  6. Spanish is a relatively easy language to learn. Once you know the phonetics, and grammatical syntax it's just a matter of practice and exposure to native speakers of the language. In no time you'll find yourself speaking with relative ease.
  7. Check the android app store if you will use the program with an android device. If you have an apple device then go to the apple play store. It sounds like it should be easy to locate in either case.
  8. You could always download a kindle app onto your phone, and read books. The kindle has a feature to help list words that you couldn't define as you read. Just keep reading and building that list and before you know it you'll own a much bigger vocabulary. One you can be very proud of.
  9. I think that reading is the foundation for studying any language, although, music and film stimulate other areas of your mind giving a solid assist to the language learning process. What do you think? Am I overlooking any other form of media that can be exploited in learning a new language?
  10. Once you know the method for learning a second language it becomes easier with each additional tongue you study. It really is like learning an instrument. Some languages are in the same linguistic group, like English and Dutch, or Italian and Portuguese,so learning them together is a easier. Like studying piano and the harpsichord. However, if you have mastered Japanese you will find it fairly easy to then pick up Spanish. The method is the same.
  11. I used Lyrics.com and got a great translation of "Tu Mira" by Lole Y Manuel, which is the song track you hear in "Kill Bill" when Beatrice is driving into Mexico to Kill Bill. I love that song.
  12. This is almost a funny joke. Instead it's only a joke. To translate poetry and be true to its meaning you have to have native competency in both the target and source language. Otherwise good luck; there's no way you can effectively convey the spirit of the text.
  13. It is beyond obvious that literal translation is useless. True to meaning is in fact what we are after. When we say that information doesn't translate well. What we are really saying is that we have not taken time to really appreciate what the writer is attempting to communicate to the reader. "True to meaning " suggest that the context and full body of the text are being taken into consideration. Even cultural awareness should be applied to any translation to avoid misunderstanding between the source and target languages.
  14. These translation programs have gotten quite good, but they will likely never be 100 % because of the factor of being unable to convey the emotional intent of the writer in the source language. In other words a lot still gets lost in translations preformed by these programs.
  15. All of theses programs will sharpen your skill with any language you want to study and learn. The key to progress though is reading in that language. Reading forms the foundation of your aptitude. Through reading you gain vocabulary, grammatical correctness and even some cultural literacy. Furthermore, reading allows you to pause and consider what you just read, to truly comprehend it. So, Rossetta stone or any other language learning program can help, but let reading in the language be where 75% of the learning takes place. All the best. Never quit you'll make it.
  16. To get the most out of anything you must really apply yourself. Beyond that , it is necessary to be in an environment that will give you a good chance to advance toward your goal. This is what immersion is all about. Surrounding oneself with a language and allowing it to seep into your being. Indeed you must live it in order to learn it.
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