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  1. That's a very good question. I also wonder why some letters are "silent" like Wednesday witha silent "d".
  2. It made me wonder if she has any French language background like does she listen to French music, watch French movies or perhaps she just enjoys learning the language. I find it's easier to learn something you enjoy or something you're interested with.
  3. Monkeys are very smart creatures. If I'm not mistaken chimpanzees are the smartest animal on the planet. That's truly amazing. They are very adaptable and can learn sign language.
  4. I think it's true that at younger age.. we pick up information faster or easily than when we're adults. If given a chance, I'd be happy if I pick up Spanish or French or better yet both of them. I think they are both useful and fun to learn. In my opinion, 3-5 years old is the best age to start teaching a new language.
  5. 1. It depends. I think if I focus on learning the language.. it would take less than a year and also watching foreign movies helps a lot with pronunciation 2. It is.. if it's that necessary like if I'm going to move abroad or teach the language 3. Definitely but requires a lot of hard work. It's easier when you have someone to talk to who speaks the language or better yet a native speaker of the language.
  6. Very smart primalclaws! That is very true.. it is more like a connection between different individuals, culture, and everything in between. There is more to language than merely just speaking it. Will definitely connect more and have a sense of belonging when we understand what each other is saying hence the word language barrier which means a language blocking or blockage and once we over come that.. we start to see each other’s world in a different point of view.
  7. I can honestly say I’m impressed. You sound like you speak it fluently and you look like a mixed Spanish too. For only 7 months you are able to learn many words and are able to construct sentences too so kudos to you. I hope you feel better now though about your knee.. What happened?
  8. I guess it’s just a matter of self confidence. Sometimes I don’t want to speak a foreign language infront of other native speakers of that certain language because it makes me feel like I’ll pronounce it wrong or that I’m not confident enough that I’ll be able to speak it properly but ofcourse I can write it.
  9. I think once or twice. When a family or a group of friends are next to me who speaks different language. I find it interesting and want to strike up a conversation but first off.. they may misunderstood my intentions specially if we have different cultures. I’m afraid if they’ll consider me rude for intruding and the like.
  10. Years ago when I was in college, I’m really into Romanian music so I decided to study the language even just the basics. I have a notebook beside my table when I’m using the computer to search for lyrics and their translations and ofcourse using the translator. I’d list it all down in my notebook and if I’m having difficulty with the pronunciation, I’d write it down in syllables.
  11. Thank you for agreeing :grin: I agree with you too. I think we will be able to attain peace in this world if everyone would just correlate and embrace one's differences be it language, culture, traditions etc. We will find that we are not that different, I understand people who don't accept others but I don't understand how they can't respect it. Different is good too.. we can always learn different things from everyone.
  12. My relatives moved to Brownsville, Texas which is a boundary between United States and Mexico. They told me the language the natives speak are Spanish so they have to learn it too. They did learn it at work and my kid cousins are learning it at school. I think it is fair to learn the language and blend in with the native people after all it is my relatives who moved to their place.
  13. Very interesting :grin: I might send you two poems in my language. I'm no good at reciting poems actually but I will try my best and I will record it during late night when there is nothing but silence.
  14. I would probably go back to school if I really need to learn a language though I think I’ll find it easier if I stay in the country of the foreign language I’m learning and talk to the natives because I believe exposure and experience are a big factor then enroll in a school to be able to learn it more.
  15. As a matter of fact.. I would. I would learn a language with few native speakers if I find it interesting and quite useful. If a language exists, it is because there are people who speak them so it will be fun to speak a language that only few people understand and it is cool to be able to speak a language aside from your own.
  16. Did you make a list of language/s you want to learn this year? I plan to learn Italian and Spanish. I think they are easy to learn together because there are some words that are similar. I might move to Europe soon so it will be very useful. What about you?
  17. Oh gosh I’m not sure if I’d be delighted to share this experience but I will anyway. I used to work as a technical support in a company, my job is to answer phones and assist callers with any issues they are encountering. The callers are mainly from the U.S. and our company is located in Asia so naturally the employees are Asians. I mispronounced “RAM” with “rhum” and the caller said something like “oh you mean RAM?” and I just answered “yes” but I really feel like melting on the spot.
  18. My native language is Rinconada Bikol which is only spoken in my side of town. Our population is around a hundred thousand, most of which are migrants from different areas and even countries during pre war of world war 2. My grandfather is pure Chinese and my grandmother has some Spanish blood. Their children were all born here so all of us are fluent in speaking Rinkonada.
  19. It must be your subconscious reflecting your consciousness. I dreamed of other language I guess a couple of times but it’s a language I never heard before. I’m not sure if it’s Latin, one thing I’m sure of, it sound so out of this world. It’s almost as if I understand what the voice was saying but I never heard the language before in my life.
  20. I’m lucky enough that English has been our 2nd language learned in school. I think I was in pre-school or kindergarten when I first studied English. Ofcourse as expected, at first I got confused but then in the long run, I find it easier (I don’t mean to brag). I would prefer English over mathematics anytime.
  21. “What’s this?” in my native tongue would be “uno ‘di? or uno adi?” I am from Bicol, Philippines and my native dialect is Rinconada. It is way different than our national language which is Tagalog/Filipino. Our intonations are terrible that if someone listen to us talk who doesn’t know our dialect would instantly think we are fighting or something.
  22. I totally believe it is easier for me to learn neighboring country’s language than those that are continents away. I live in the Philippines and I find that Malaysian language has similarities with Tagalog. Sometimes they would even have the same meaning although there’s a very slight difference in spelling and pronunciation but they are understandable.
  23. I had a fling with this Romanian guy online. We both like each other, he speaks very little English. Sometimes I don’t even understand it so I decided to learn Romanian for him but then I found out he’s got a girlfriend and didn’t even tell me. I’m just glad I didn’t enroll in a language class, otherwise I think it will be all for nothing.
  24. In my opinion the most valuable language to learn is English. Most business transactions are written in English and majority of population speak in English. I think it will be useful specially when you are a traveler and you look for directions since most people speak English. However, I find Spanish the second most valuable language since there are many countries who speak this language. There are also parts of America who are Spanish speaking people.
  25. Honestly I want to learn as many language as I can infact I want to learn all the languages of the world. In that case, no matter where I go I will be able to understand what the native people of the specific place is saying. I know it’s not impossible but it could be hard.
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