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  1. I agree with your explanation, and I think your "if so" goes together just fine with your first assessment. I think people "have a chip on their shoulder" when they're arrogant, abrasive, etc, because they *THINK* they aren't getting what they deserve. So I'd say those two ideas go together pretty well.
  2. Yeah, I've been wracking my brain and I can't think of any time that one should be used instead of the other. That's really unfortunate that a teacher would make such a big issue out of something impossible.
  3. I love the word Komorebi: "This is the word the Japanese have for when sunlight filters through the trees - the interplay between the light and the leaves."
  4. I personally think copacetic is such a nice word, which is fun because one could say "the word copacetic is copacetic."
  5. I really love Scandinavian accents. I'm not too sure why, I just really love them!
  6. I think they're great for authors who need some deciphering, or just to get a better idea of the time period or sociology that the book was written in. Shakespeare obviously comes to mind, but also other old books. Some people growing up these days might not understand slavery, racism, etc, and might need some explaining to fully grasp a book that was written in those time periods.
  7. I hate when I get stuck! I usually end up spending hours on Amazon, or even the library, and start at nonfiction books to think up new things I want to learn about. I could walk the non-fiction aisles for hours and leave with 50 books in 25 different subjects. From there, once I get back "into" reading (motivation-wise) it's easier to pick up fiction novels. Fiction is so difficult to break being unmotivated because you really have to submerge yourself into the story to get it.
  8. I don't think they should go into the Fiction center. Fiction, to me, is a novel, a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Conspiracy books, as well as other subjective beliefs, aren't "stories". And if you start splitting hairs about subjective beliefs not being nonfiction, then you're going to eliminate a lot of it because you'll have to start getting into religion, health, and even some history (Holocaust deniers!). I think it would be too much to start to be "politically correct" about the topics, so lumping it all together is much easier than coming up with a whole new system.
  9. I learn best with the old fashion method of flashcards! Are there any good flashcard apps?
  10. I know someone who watched the Simpsons and American Idol to learn how to *use* English. They knew English properly, but learned lingo and how to actually use English through watching pop culture shows. What do you think? Are there any other ways?
  11. My favorite quote has always been misattributed, most commonly to Abraham Lincoln with no proof, but the point still stands and resonates with me: "When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That is my religion."
  12. I think it's interesting how language changes and adapts with society. I heard a new word the other day that qualifies as a swear word in schools! It's "THOT" which is an acronym for "That h** over there". When someone said that, I had to ask what it meant. Apparently it's pretty popular and a curse word. And then thinking back on how "Hell" used to be such an awful word, but now it's said freely. Maybe I'm old fashioned, I just can't get around using any "curse" words in any professional setting.
  13. Sometimes when I'm texting quickly, things fall out like a stream of consciousness and I may miss a comma or two. But I never resort to shortened language, except for common abbreviations like "lol", and "brb". Other than those, I absolutely despise how the language as become degraded in text speak, and people think it's acceptable.
  14. I always thought Catsup was the generic brand of Ketchup. Sort of like how some sodas are named similar, but not the same (Mountain Dew being changed to Mountain Mist, etc). Interesting to hear everybody elses' interpretations of it!
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