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  1. Here is a link https://www.mangolanguages.com/ I use it through my local library. You don't have to be on a library computer, I use it at home. You just need a library card barcode number from a library that has it. It has a search so you can with nearby libraries have access. Some schools might also get you in for free. It has an app, so you can use it on your phone or computer. I personally perfer to use my computer more than the app on my phone. Also it's $20 a month without a library.
  2. Has anyone heard of Mango Langauges? It's a language learning program. It has a bunch of languages of languages (every language on this website) and has Flims with language breakdowns for the most used languages (Frnch, Spanish, Chinese, and I think a few more). It diffently has a focus on speaking and pronounciation. I use it free with my library card and I have full access. I think it's pretty great, especially if you want to focus on speaking and a little on reading. I'm using it for French at the moment.
  3. I have and I haven't. I like learning languages and how words and the use of words help form a culture, but I don't travel and don't hae any plans to travel in teh forseeable future. The lack of an actual need to learn a language causes me to dift in and out of studying. I'e been learning Chinese for close to 9 years, but because I only use it read cute children's books I haven't progressed much verbally. Sometimes I even go months to year without studying. But I haven't given up. I never gave myself a time frame or a use for this knowlegde, so I practice when I want to, and stop when I don't. I find that I retain more everytime I start up again and I learn more quicker. I guess the foundation is becoming strong in this one! I also study Spanish and French this way. However, living in America those 2 are more relivent to me, so I ever become fully bilingual or multi-lingual I think I will know either French or Spanish.
  4. This course seems super helpful! Thank you! I will be using this. I hope the other lessons get developed soon! Definitely keep us posted.
  5. 吃 chi1 to eat 你想吃什么? What do you want to eat? ni3xiang3chi1shen2me? 我想吃三明治。 Want to eat a sandwich. wo3xiang3chi1san1ming2zhi 我没吃。 I haven't eaten. wo3mei2chi1
  6. The first sentence I could say is "I do no speak Korean" haha. I have since learned how to say "I do speak Korean" but it's not true. I'm very limited.
  7. I love kpop! I'm getting more into Korean rap and hip hop though. That's why I prefer groups like 2ne1, Big Bang, and Block B. I also really like Drunken Tiger. Having that I love my Ballad groups like SHINee and TVXQ. Also the "GGGG Baby baby" is by Girls Generation.
  8. I don't know how to find good images of stroke order, but I can post a new word for beginners until this picks up again. 今天 jin1tian1 今天是我的生日。 Today is my birthday 今天太热了。 Today is too hot. 今天你想做什么? What do you want to do today?
  9. Me gusta dibujar y juegar tenis. Escribo cuentos para mis dibujos. Que te dibujas?
  10. You guys are so helpful! I never knew there was a difference and I say "lo siento" for everything. Now thinking of it as "I feel (for) you" will definitely help a lot.
  11. 我是美国人, 从芝加哥来的。 你爱好是什么? 我最喜欢打网球,看电影,听音乐,和动漫。 你喜不喜欢加拿大?
  12. 大家好! 我叫小星。 我是新在 Linguaholic 的。 我真的很高兴我可以练习中文! 我是二十三岁,从芝加哥来的。 我一个妹妹。 他也学中文还是学韩语。 你们说几个语?我会说美语,一点儿普通话,一点儿西班牙语。 你们爱好是什么? 我最喜欢打网球,听音乐,画画儿,和做动漫!
  13. I started learning in high school and I only learned 说。 A few years later I took classes at a community college and still never learned 讲。 In fact this is good to know! Now I have an idea of which areas might use it more, and that it is completely interchangeable. When you don't have a mentor around it can be hard to learn which words are situational, and which words are interchangeable.
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