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  1. It is a funny topic because I have never dreamed in other language. I should say, I don't even speak in my dream, so how can I speak in other language!! Anyway, have a nice dream tonight!!
  2. Yes, it is. I am an ESL student and many people laugh at my accent. I feel pretty really bad and stressful sometimes. :cry: :cry: I hope I can improve my accent in this coming year!!
  3. I don't have that kind of experience but my friend has. My friend speaks Chinese and he used to have a Korean girlfriend. He said it is so inconvenience because they need to argue in English and it is so difficult.. :nerd:
  4. No, I am not dare enough enough to speak. I don't want anyone to laugh at my accent. :sweating: :sweating: Also, who can I speak a rare language to??
  5. Me too. I still remember the English writing exam last year, the teacher said I was using too many commas and she deducted me marks. I was really mad!! :devil: :devil:
  6. I think the best way to practice listening is to watch more English movies, which are with subtitles. Although I can't really speak as well as the native speakers do, at least I can improve my listening.
  7. I depends on what kind of exam I am having. If I am going to have a Physics or Chemistry exam, I will be really stressful, because there is so much thing that I need to study about!! However, If I am going to have an English exam, I won't be nervous or stressful, because there is no way to study, so I won't study... :confused: :confused:
  8. "Dude" in English actually sounds like one of the coarse languages in Cantonese. Sometimes, when I hear someone said "dude", the first thing comes up into my mind is someone is swearing .It is just funny.HAHA :millionaire: :millionaire:
  9. I am an Esl student and the first idiom I learned is from my Esl teacher. She taught me a idiom which is "got your back". When I was watching TV, one of the characters from the drama said that, and I knew what it means!! I felt really happy somehow!!
  10. 还记得我三年前的中文考试中,那裏有一部分是要分析文言文,整段文章中,没有一句我是真正明白,還好没有不合格 :confused: :confused:
  11. 其实我是一名中国人,但是怎么觉得你的中文水平比我还好,真的有点自愧不如 :pirate: :pirate:
  12. I use shortcuts and I don't use punctuation while I am texting. For example, "How re u today" , "Im fine". I think it is more convenience and people actually understand it . What do you guys think about this?
  13. It is just pretty cool. As the world is changing everyday, the dictionary is changing too!! Anyway, "selfie" and "hashtag" are only words I know from those new words. HAHA.... :grin: :grin:
  14. Hi! I am Sam from Canada, but I am a Chinese and I can speak Cantonese. Nice to meet you guys! I am new to this community and I hope I can learn more about different languages! Have a good day!! :kiss:
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