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  1. I've always had two words I thought were weird (I also find the word weird odd to spell) 1. Wednesday- how are we supposed to derive the spelling from the common pronunciation? Why did they add a d after the n? Just very odd to me. 2. atheist- for some reason I always feel like it should be aetheist, which I know is completely wrong, but it's something I have always had trouble with.
  2. "Sweet, pensive and dark and surprised at nothing. And who will at times kiss you on the forehead like a child" - Simone de Beauvoir , The Second Sex I love this quote because I think it's beautifully written and structured differently from how we speak now. It also make a great bio for a social media site and it just really resonates with me. That whole book is amazing though, definitely a book that I felt was able to say a lot of the things I've felt growing up and especially about my body and womanhood.
  3. I think reading classics is a great idea, here are a few that aren't commonly suggested but will serve you well in college and were very enjoyable in my opinion: Metamorphosis by Ovid, The Decameron, and Don Quixote. Few people get through Don Quixote because of the length but it's actually hilarious and easy to have a conversation about. Something I wasn't encouraged to do that I wish I had been was to read new books in my area of interest. I've recently been reading a lot about microbes and infectious diseases and I would definitely recommend that if you have a major, whatever it is (philos
  4. Even if it's a magazine article, I really prefer print. There's just nothing quite like the feeling of reading a book and I've tried a variety of e-readers, they all give me headaches and I have a harder time tracking what I am reading. I know they are heavy, but I will never stop loving books. The one thing that e-readers have an advantage is the price of books. It is often cheaper to buy the book online, just not as satisfying.
  5. I think May I and Can I are great tools. I always use May I but am considered to be overly polite on occasion. Another great one to use among friends is "is it okay if I..." or is it okay if we.." when suggesting an action or that you want to go do something separate from the group!
  6. Actually, this depends on whether you use the Oxford comma or not. It is a source of great debate among English speakers and I personally always use it. The oxford comma indicates the comma before an and in a list. So using it would be apples, oranges, and pears. I think it is nicer and can avoid confusion!
  7. Hi! I am recent graduate who wants to keep the progress she has made learning Romanian! I would be interesting in emailing and or skyping. Please comment below or send me a message!
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