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  1. Age matters. But first let me explain. It's easier for young children to learn a second language. Their brains are still developing, and I'll quote "After age 11, centers in the brain responsible for language acquisition stop growing rapidly and language acquisition becomes more difficult.". But adults have advantages too while learning new languages. It's easier for us to find language patterns and sometimes apply them in different languages. We are more aware of how to build sentences and some concepts are very similar in different languages. No way age should stop anyone from learning a different language. Just an example: my grandparents were emmigrants in their mid 20's/early 30's and they learned a whole different language and were fluent. If you want to learn a new language, go ahead!
  2. Hi! I just arrived. I'm Cristina from Portugal and I'm just getting used to this forum. I'll be glad to help with any portuguese translations if required. Nice to meet you all !
  3. Bump. I don't know if I should reply in portuguese or english... Portuguese it is. Pessoal descobri este fórum hoje. Sou do Porto também e pronto vá, de vez em quando deixo escapar um B em vez de um V mas nada de muito marcado (pelo que me dizem). Bem sei que estou a fazer reply a um tópico quase do arco da velha, mas estou curiosa para saber se ainda há portugueses por aqui. Alguém?
  4. Ah no one mentioned Clã. Clã - Problema de Expressão This is one of the few portuguese bands that I really enjoy listening to.
  5. Hi. Actually there are not that many variants. Generally speaking you have European Portuguese (from Portugal) and Brazilian Portuguese (from Brazil). They are very similar IF spoken correctly. As a native portuguese I don't think it's THAT similar to spanish. But yeah if you know some spanish it will be easy for you to understand a few things in portuguese
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